I need to lose

I need to lose to some bad ass Dhalsim to do a little studying of him. Learn some tactics and such. If you feel like kicking my ass hit up on on xbox live



I would play you but I don’t have an xbox only a ps3.

yo EZ…i’ve seen you online…i’m thinking about picking up dhalsim…i was messing with him earlier and hes surprisingly mobile

Yeah think you should start working with him. If you see some of my youtube videos you will see how mobile he really is. we should play sometime.

Vision, haven’t I played against you as Dhalsim? I prefer to think of my Sim as solid and not so much ‘bad ass’ though.

Anybody that still plays online, be willing to let me add them? I want to use Anakaris/Dhalism/Cyclops/XX as my new mid tier casual team. I’m usually online at least twice a week 11-12 pm eastern time. I’m sometimes on earlier during the weekend. The majority of people on my friends list hardly play anymore, and if they do, they usually play early during the day.

GT: t3amrand0m

I would love to play all of you guys with a little Dhalsim action but seems some of you guys don’t have a PS3. If you do ADD ME, if not, check out my videos on youtube

Ez who is your normal SIM team? I been using some Omega throw, followed up with Cyc anti-air. Madness… The omega throw with sim is BEAUTIFUL. It goes across the whole screen, as does SIM arms and legs. Perfect together

I play on ps3 pretty often and I’d love to get some games against a really good sim… but I play like friggen midnightish til 3 or 4am eastern time… so you gotta stay up late.

I wish I was rolling 360/PS3 instead of old consoles when I don’t have marvel players here.

Some Sim teams I’ve been liking recently.

Sim/Sent/Cyke = Most solid balanced team. Unblockable HSF via cyke, sim loves both assists and Sent + cyke is of course one of the best teams in the game. Can DHC pretty much any string into HSF combos of doom. Good assist for defense, zoning, and offense.

Sim/Storm/Cyke = Similar advantages. Sim is as much of a battery as storm is, so DHCing into hail should almost always have her with 3 bars remaining able to wreck anyone who dares to get in her way. I don’t like her assist as much as Sent’s for Sim, but it’s really useful in some of his 3fierce, 8 roundhouse, ADDF, roundhouse combos letting you kill flying screen for some more damage. Obviously Yoga strike DHC hail storm means that if someone is unsafe almost anywhere while Sim’s on the ground you can tag them with it.

Lower tiers (+ cyke since he’s just so good for Sim)

Sim/SilSam/Cyke. SilSam coming in with 3 gauges + some chip damage from the DHC stars/lightning means that people need to be very cautious about blocking and care a lot about avoiding, in fire mode fierce, fierce star, super stars, DHC MOB + mash does enough chip to really hurt, almost 1/3.

(Jugg)Sim/Hood. If you’re good at biding your time for the right time to get Jugg out for glitch the threat of his DHC from strike should inspire fear into anyone’s heart. Hood’s slow missile although not drones levels of sexy for Sim is far from bad especially if you love SJ roundhouses and fierces. Of course you also get THC of death + Sim’s super battery powers which is nice if you spot that one mistake you need.

I want to get Anak/Sim/Hood down but I really can’t get into the right groove with Anak to make him worth the slot. I can’t use Sim’s assist and Anak together to set up the curse loops and all the other stuff that makes them a legit team.

I roll, though haven’t played in a while, sim/sent/cyke

and sim/anak/cyke.

vfm and I have come up against each other a few times with our dhalsims lol. but doing dhalsim combos are really hard online on xbox : /

Log into psn sometime beats… damn… haven’t seen you on in months…

i hate psn :[

though I guess I’ll try again now that I’m in a new apt.

(I haven’t really been on xbl consistently either though)

My normal sim team is Sim/Gambit/Cyclops!! I’ve also learned to mix it up quite well with other teams Sim/Bison/Hulk and Sim/OmegaRed/stryder (variety asssis) or psylock anti-air. My last sim team is Sim/Zangief(ground assist)/akuma (hurricane assist). I’ve also been experimenting with a few others but not quite there yet.

Well I work the graveyard but when I’m off I’m up ALL NIGHT till 7am Central Time in the morning!! I happen to be off today so I will try and send an invite and hopefully we can get some games going!!

Who care if you hate PSN, use the system now that you have it…just my opinion!!

I have xbl, so if I ever wanna play (and not have extreme input delay) I just go on there. way more better players on xbl on average too.

I’m in the same boat as far as work schedule… but I work from home… so I’m on near every night til 7am…lol I’ll add u 2nite…

No doubt there are more players on xbl… but there are more good ones AND more shitty ones… just based on playingon xbl at my buddies house. I found someone good faster than I might have on psn… but I also found 9 people who sucked worse than near anyone on psn.

Input delay? I dunno… I can sjc IM’s cr.mp just fine on psn… even doing it a tad late is no trouble. I think I could do it before I turned the input lag down even…

as I actually have both systems and have played them both extensively at one point, I would say that’s not true. close to equal amount of bad players on each I would say. regardless, player matches with the greater amount of good players is what it’s really about.

also, that’s what sucks about it…some people get massive input delay like myself while others hardly get any.

like I said, maybe PSN will not be shit for me at my new apartment, so I’ll try to check it out soon. even with input lag there are a few things I prefer about PSN…if the input lag went away it’s probably be my preferred system to play on (except for the xbl handling a couple combos better and having better comp)

Sorry I missed you last night EZ… was locked in a 30 match run with some random guy… awesome matches… finished 16-14… wasn’t ignoring you…lol I tried to add you but it says you’ve exceeded the max # of friends… which is crazy… Time to clean up the list a bit perhaps :slight_smile:

I’ll likely be on 2nite…

Sorry I’ll be sure to delete some friends to add you. As for tonight well, I won’t be online because I will be working Tonight and tomorrow night but I will be free for some games this weekend saturday and sunday.

Hot damn who was that last nigt ez? We ruled that room forever… guy shows up… we both beat up on his low tier… switched to his msp… ggpo… wouldnt be surprised to discover it was fkin yipes or soo… magnus to sick…