I need to put Urien in the moruge, HELP ME SRK!

Okay, I can never beat Urien with Ryu. I cant hit the dude, I can’t expose any openings. I can’t punish random tackles. I have no way around fireballs. Everytime I try to poke I get beat by down fierce.

Urien is just so fucking hard to fight and I need tips. I dont know how to explain what the fuck the Urien player is doing. Since I know next to nothing about him. I just need to Urien’s average tendencies are. So I can fight them, I also need to know how to counter Urien’s “alternatives” to his normal tendencies.


I never really had any problems with Urien 'couse I fought him a lot. Since I don’t know your skill level and what kind of techniques and strategies the Urien players you’re facing, I hope this one helps…

I presume that Urien uses SAIII right? (Most of the Urien players uses this).
Sometimes when people got trapped in the middle, where Urien uses SAIII (the reflector), and your position is between the Reflector (behind you) and Urien (in front of you) people got panic. They think they got attacked from both ways. They DON’T!.

You can’t possible block both way at the same time. so the trick is… only the postition of Urien is matter. Keep this in mind! If Urien is on the left, you block to the right direction, If Urien is on the right, you block to the left direction. and you will automatically block the SAIII reflector as well. Ignore the position of SAIII. always block (the opposite direction of your opponent position) like normal block. So no need to worry for being trapped from 2 ways attack. There is no such thing in SF.

Hope this help. And maybe jump in with deep MP, since it hits 2x, safe when you land (even if t

Unblockables should work. You’re playing on an arcade or console with guard judgement set to new type (where you just have to guard your opponent). I don’t know what to do about an arcade, but if you’re playing on console, go into the game options and change the guard judgement to old type. Old type judgement allows for unblockables (where the Reflector and Urien attack from opposite sides).

As for Urien advice, look for random kneedrops. Some Urien players will either fake kneedrop or kneedrop right at you. Their pretty easy to spot and parry, so if you see it coming, try to parry it whether or not it will actually hit you. If the kneedrop is meant to hit you, you parry. If not, you just walk forward. In either case you can cr. mk hurricane to punish.

If Urien is throwing fireballs at you, just parry them. If you have trouble parrying air-fireballs (like I do) just stay on the ground. If you stay out of his poke range, there isn’t much Urien can do other than tackle. As long as Urien doesn’t have meter, he really doesn’t have combo potential. Additionally, Urien’s only reversal is headbutt, which you can stuff with a meaty mid or high attack. So Urien’s pretty helpless on wake up. If you attack with an overhead, Urien has to block high, which ruins his down charge. That’s about all the advice I can think of at the moment.

edit: Jumping in on Urien with meter is risky. You’re just asking for a cr. fierce into mid screen unblockable or into tackle juggles.

OK! I didn’t know anything about the guard setting. I’m Playing on PS2 console and all the settings are set on default. Don’t they suppose to be the same as in arcade since it was set on default? — I’ll check the setting soon…

I know you can set the overhead universal attack to choose from 2nd impact or 3rd strike style on PS2 setting, but the default was set as 3rd strike style, same as arcade. Shouldn’t guard setting be the same as on the arcade as well on default?

Anyway… I apologize if I posted a miss-knowledge. I didn’t know PS2 guard is different from the arcade.

Blocked tackles and knee drops can be punished with low forward into tatsu, ex fireball, or whatever else.

If you fight Urien on the ground your shouldn’t have much trouble with him. Just play it safe. When he doesn’t have meter, his big damage will be throws. There are many special tricks to beating Urien with shotos besides working your ground game. If you’re losing to Urien you probably play weak footsies.

It could probably be online too. Because sometimes when I’m going to punish shit like blocked tackles or kneedrops. Most of the time people block right after that shit. I’m like what the fuck is this? I don’t know if its the connection or if my reaction is just utter shit. It’s almost like sometimes I can punish Ken’s blocked sa3 and sometimes I can’t and they block. It’s really whack, and maybe I just need to fight an offline Urien to understand the matchup more.

I don’t play a good footsies game, actually I dont play a good anything. I don’t even know what the fuck footsies are. I’m a fatal failure at 3rd strike. :sad:

If I wasn’t failing, I wouldn’t be posting here for help.

EDIT: Sometimes people do headbutt feints and then throw. I be looking at it as a whiff and I should be punishing that. Then I get thrown. Are Urien players really able to throw after whiffed headbutt? The only way I deal with it is by teching. Or is this another online thing?

Yeah, online sucks.

I’d recommend you try to minimize jumping against opponents for a while so you can get comfortable on the ground. Try to get in close with c.mk’s, mk’s and UOH’s, and aiming for kara throws when you are inside. Like anything in 3s, its a mixup game, so experiment with some of his other normals like rh, c.rh, meaty fp, far mp, and see what is comfortable in different situations. It may be awkward at first, but its a fundamental skill. Be the Kuroda of Ryu :wgrin:

If it’s whiffed, the recovery is too quick to punish. Teching is the right thing to do.

Thanks for all the help guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t explain further. Making it harder for you to help me. But you guys tried, and it was actually good advice.

So thanks everyone.

??? How do you play online? Can PS2 play online? Please advice…


Emulation through PC, thats all I can tell you.

s.strong > random headbutt’s.

master your kara throw and ex fireball mixups. this crush urien pretty well

I checked it. It was on “old” mode, and still able to block the both direction attack.
Other players please confirm this… thanks…

unblockables work on the “old” setting.

Avoid getting thrown, specially when urien’s back is near the corner. Always have distance between him so that you cannot be thrown when your pokes are parried. Make sure that you follow up when your pokes are parried from a distance.

a lot of ryu players like to mix up using a lot of kara throws, which is fine, but when you’re facing someone who can ruin you with one back throw or random headbutt it’s not smart. Dial down the throw game a bit. when he’s in the corner, obviously you should be extremely careful. instead of doing something like close standing mk, ex spin kick. just do ex spin kick, so even if urien parries right its hard for him to do anything serious to you.

uh in footsies, can punish his s.fp, f.fp, d.rh on reaction with correct spacing with your own d.rh. on block you can punish his d+fp, any shoulder and knee drops with d+fwd, short hurricane kick. they always hit uriens tall frame even if he’s ducking, but only the short version.

know how to parry his fireballs, especially air version. if you’re not comfortable parrying then don’t even bother jumping too much. also, if you kinda expect an air fireball, you can ex sidekick him for some damage.

don’t jump at him if he has a charge, he can mix you up with d+fp or a head butt of some sort, just not worth the risk. without a charge he’s easy to jump at. After a blocked sweep if he has his charge he can ex. Shoulder you.

after a whiffed headbutt, be prepared to throw break.

ALWAYS tech roll any type of knockdown. i m sure there’s instances where its not in your best interests to tech but those occasions are few.

Vs. his wake up you dont really wanna throw tech, at ALL. I cant honestly see why you should ever throw tech this guy on wake up, the punishment of a d+fp to your death is too much. And dont DP either, same reason. Urien is going to do 4 things on wake up, fp of some sort, d+rh, throw, throw bait to d+fp. My suggestion would be to either guess parry or jump/dash back. Theres no real consequence to parrying wrong against urien, you wont eat a big combo just a throw or a single solid hit. Reward is high for you though. Jump (with a parry) instead to avoid throws, safer imo. If you guess wrong its not a big deal just like if you guess parry wrong. The only thing he can really do is a meaty d+fp, which is pretty risky for him. Anyway, hope that helps.

good shit devil X, i like your post.

the main thing in this match is that you can easily corner him. vs urien, the corner isn’t as scary to him as it is with other characters. parrying and headbutt is a strong defense with urien because it can put you in a bad situation quick.

also remember not to fireball in his j.hk range, that shit is a bitch.

i like to c.mp or c.hp xx lk tatsu his headbutts. they’re pretty easy to catch, but if you choose the c.hp xx lk tatsu remember to be in for a quick mixup guess.

vs his wakeup i like to walk around a bit, so that it’s a neutral state rather than a wakeup guessing game. he has a lot to gain, probably more than ryu from the mixup game. i would say keep him in the corner rather than trying to gain damage off of mixups, which you can lose too. keeping urien cornered isn’t comfortable for him.

i like s.hk as a poke too, hits him on crouch. shit is awesome, just like against dudley. can early anti air him too, since a lot of uriens i play like to jump a lot.

something i like doing is trying to catch his wake up parry into c.hp. i always down parry then forward for the 2 hits. if they headbutt i can usually see it and c.mp or something. don’t parry on their wakeup right away, you gotta wait for their parry then c.hp. so it takes a little getting used to.

UOH is so godlike. unlike chun and ken, he can’t do much to trip guard it. use it to escape throws and go over lows. beware that his s.hp knocks down if he catches you though.

i used to like SA2 because you can c.mk lk tatsu him a lot. but i realized i need my EX fireballs so i went with SA1.

btw don’t bother anti airing his j.hk’s if they’re far/deep. if you miss with c.hp you’ll get grabbed. if you miss with srk it’s worse. and even if you do hit it’s usually a trade. in other words urien’s j.hk is retarded in this matchup, so watch out. i like to srk his ass if i see a dash after a j.hk. but only if you see a dash, he can do a lot of other things are j.hk.

You want to be aggressive against Urien. You have lots of good pokes against him. Basically all of your normals will beat his. Think about Urien’s shape…basically every button hits him. Standing strong, crouching strong, low foward, low roundhouse (he can’t really punish) are good. Mix up your poke strings by varying timing, guard level, and course throws. Be ACTIVE with Ryu and put Urien on the defensive…if you can do that, you will definitely see an immediate improvement. What kind of mixups? Oh I dunno, something like crouching short, pause, walk up low foward ex fireball (this is a throw fake). standing strong, pause, ex fireball. ex fireball in the face when Urien’s cornered, ex fireball again if you think they’ll resist, if not, kara throw. If your opponent wises up to your throw/combo setups…recreate the same situation but do the opposite. An important aspect of mind games is also LETTING YOUR OPPONENT REACT. You must give pause for them to respond otherwise, they will still be blocking. Same for baiting parries.

What you really want is use your pokes (including ex fireball which is his best poke imo) to get him in the corner. Do not spam fireballs from mid range. He will jump over with his excellent jump roundhouse. Try to nail him with ex fireballs when he’s sticking something out. It’s MUCH harder to jump in on your ex fireball from close range. Even if he did jump, he will get hit since the EX fireball came out so close to him.

Once you have him in the corner, see how he reacts. A lot of Uriens will try to throw you back in the corner so they can Aegis trap. Bait it out and punish. Uriens also like doing heatbutt to escape throw attempts. Do something like crouching short, pause (to give them time to react), and input high parry. This will beat the option select throw escape and headbutt. Then do a big combo like standing fierce, ex slide kick, ex tatsu, fierce shoryu. Aside from throw setups, use uoh, low fowards, ex fireballs, standing strong, to lock him down. Try to attack a little outside his throw range so that he can’t parry into a backthrow.

This match is supposedly 5/5 only because Urien can turn the tide of the battle with a back throw into the corner, parrying something, of if he lands a random tackle. If you block a tackle, just do low foward xx super or something or low roundhouse if you don’t have meter. Oh, and jumping against Urien is NOT recommended. If your opponent is good with Urien, then you will know why. Just keep poking at him and know when to back off and you should do fine.

stand outside his poke range and randomly throw ex fireballs then go to town on his ass. urien cant build meter with anything but standing Mp and thats still kinda risky cuz of ex fireball, which forces him to come to you or sit like a duck waiting for you to just blow your meter, whic his a good time to start playing footsies with him. after that, go back to ex fireball that will beat his pokes for whiffing meter. standing HK is pretty good cuz urien cant duck it. dont get too comfy with kara throws unless its in a situation where he cant have a down charge (headbutts beat kara throw clean and put him in a really good situation). always try and mixup your anti-airs and pretty much always go for them to make him unable to do jump in headbutts.

ryus pokes dont beat uriens clean imo. i think the #1 thing that makes this matchup playable for ryu is ex fireball, it makes EVERYTHING urien does risky, urien wants to be out of your grill and poking/getting meter. ex fireball makes it so thats not a very good option.

when urien is cornered, the #1 thing people dont realize is you DONT WANT TO BE NEXT TO HIM. stay at like c.MK stand mk range and just throw pokes out walkup throw, walkup tick etc but just dont let him get a throw or be close enough that HK kneedrop cant be blocked, uriens only option in that situation is ex headbutt, whiff punish with sweep or dash throw…

a quick technique to use against extreme guessers is meaty xx shoryuken. don’t do it more than twice in a row though, it’s risky if they don’t guess at that time. if you’re good enough you can kind of hit confirm the parry/hit at the same time.

and yeah, fuck guessers! go rape that shit!