I need ur opinion

hey guys.i have a problem.i played with a saitek p990 gamepad till the cross get broken.

the gamepad itself is optimal for me…the six buttons are nice in a straight line (maybe google and look at the gamepad)

so i bought a new one…after 3 weeks excessiv playing :smiley: …the damn cross break again -.-

i mean the whole pad is a fuckin peace off cheap plastic shit…but i dont find any other good joypads wich are compared with it :frowning:

i thought about buying madcatz gampad…but my m8 bought one,and he had probs with it,after only 2 h! (ps3 version)

what u guys use? iw ould spend much money for a nice gamepad…but there is nothing out there :frowning:

e: i heard about the old saturn pad…what u think about it?
how i get it to usb?


ps:plz keep ur “use fightstick”…i will not switch


that’s a real PS3/PC saturn pad

I once had a p990. Great controller for emulators until the buttons stopped working. Saturn/pc or PS2/pc controllers are definitely a good way to go. I’m using a set of Street Fighter 15th Anniversary pads from Nubytech for sf4 pc and they rock. very silimar to the saturn dpad and button layout.

thx guys…i think ill give the saturn pad a try :slight_smile: