I need you to... "Remember Me" (Capcom's New Game)



Deus Ex Human Revolution (overall cyberpunk futuristic aesthetic) cum Uncharted (fast platforming) cum Assassin’s Creed (targeting people) cum Batman Arkham (combat maybe) cum Ghost Trick (memory remixing) cum Mass Effect (sound) cum Mirror’s Edge (some of the clean looks and the leading heroine).

I’m really really really looking forward to this game. It has a lot of potential and I feel like I’m in desparate need to not play a FPS or TPS these days.

A Chunk of Gameplay

(I also want to mention that yes it does look like Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs. I too want that game but that has a darker, deadlier hero and the setting isn’t as trippy as Neo Paris. Bullets don’t always have to be the answer but I digress)


Awesome a new IP and it looks more fun than just about all upcoming titles besides Watchdogs and Dead Space 3. I hope this game is more difficult than it looks.

Games don’t need to be cerebral or intellectually stimulating…I just want to play a AAA title that isn’t just mindless shooting. Although I’m probably the only one on SRK who loved the shit out of Heavy Rain even haters must admit games like those whos ambitions lie beyond running and gunning need more prescence. David Cage said the reason he uses QTE’s as his primary mechanic is because they allow the game to be very different things simultaneously without having the engine and mechanics restrict the game play experience. Not to say that all games need QTE lol but more developers should think outside the box like him, I think there is a big untapped market for mature gamers that want to do something besides shoot fodder for 10 hours.

FC if you want to play a GDLK game that is adrenaline inducing without having any shooting try Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


Yea I think this looks like it could be pretty cool. I hope all their design choices coalesce well.


Yes yes and more yes. I think I might own Amnesia from one of the bundles or sales but yeah I know I need to play it.

So apparently this game almost ended up in Australia or the US but the devs decided to stick to their hometown which I’m thankful for.


A Neo Sydney would have been cool but Neo Paris is dope to.




I’m pretty sure making someone commit suicide is a lot “darker” than some dude punching guys in the face.


You know what I mean though. She’s isn’t straight murdering everyone in sight.


AH… Capcom this is how you do westernization of your games…

Not taking pre-existing IPs and shitting on them…

Lots of potential in this one… I don’t fuck with new Capcom fighting games anymore though… straight up done with that…


Someone make my Bubblegum Crisis game with the old 80’s boomers. Or a Bladerunner game.


Blue and orange the game


Happy with Dragon’s Dogma (really came out of no where), will definitely give this a shot!


In the case of Bladerunner just play Deus Ex.


A Blade Runner game was made and it’s GDLK if you’re a fan of adventure games.

Anyways this is one of the best developer commentaries I’ve heard in awhile, he seems to be really passionate, honest, and have a clear vision about the game. This just adds to my hype which is at maximum capacity already:



Capcom, flaccid


Get back to streaming games and Swat Kats. Buck studying! :lol:


This is basically what we were supposed to get when they made that Ghost in the Shell game but just didn’t have the capability. Makes you wonder if they will have some Major Kusanagi dlc in it like they had that Berserk stuff in their other game.


There is a similar visual aesthetic but in the video above Moris says he wants to go in a different direction than Ghost in the Shell which focused on the repercussions of physical augmentations being widely available. Instead Remember Me will emphasize the loss of personal identity and exploitation of information. The most defining mark of a great dystopia in any medium is the exaggerated reality stemming from a recognizable truth and if the proliferation of facebook is an indicator Remember Me has potential to be amazing.

As much as I like the Uncharted style of platforming is it too much to hope for that it will have old school platforming as in you have to manually time and space jumps or risk death?


I am pretty sure that was a big thing in Gits, especially the movie with all the simulated memories and “ghost” hacks. That’s like, the ONLY reason I even associated it with Gits because it seems like it was primarily inspired by it.


Yea GitS looked at the negatives of augmenting the brain a lot. From things like having your brain box stolen, to having your memories wiped and replaced with new ones. The Garbage Truck Operator instantly springs to mind. His wife and kid and their divorce all being a fabrication to get him to hack those terminals along his route.