"I NEED YOUR HALP!" - The Aigis Thread


Thread for everyone to discuss strats/combos/matchups/etc. for [S]Magneto[/S] everyone’s favorite anti-Shadow weapon, Aigis.

Some tournament footage:



And some of my personal notes from watching various JPN tournament footage (I’m a Marvel player, so excuse the comparisons):

[details=Spoiler]- adf Megido for aerial approach is (mostly) safe on block and leads into full combo on hit. Air to air option. don’t use against opponents with a good reversal option

  • 2B (photon shot) = fullscreen projectile, anti-air, free Orgia setup. Prevents aerial approach also. cancels into Megido (on counterhit?)
  • high-low or crossup dash oki after combos ending with Megido
  • Goddess Shield = invincible (?) escape option like Sent Hard Drive
  • jump in with j.B (Magneto j.L)
  • j.A also works for low aerial approaches and added pressure in blockstrings. Good air-to-air option also because it’s 3 hits so you can easily confirm into a combo on hit
  • fullscreen approach with QCB+C/D (Missile launcher). Unsafe depending on the opponent’s character. Disappears if Aigis is hit like Strange’s Daggers of Denak.
  • float with [8] for overheads
  • sweep sets up oki on the ground. overall good mixup tool with a respectable hitbox. Sweep -> Orgia cancel -> overhead
  • j.C = defensive air-to-air. 2-hit, good hitbox, can be canceled into Megido
  • j.236A/B for zoning. Angled projectile like Wesker air gunshot or Task j.236M
  • reversal with B+D and Heavenly Spear (Awakened state only)
  • A+C: grounded = KOF-style short hop pressure with j.A and j.B, airborne = air turn mixups after Megido[/details]

As always, you can also check out Dustloop or Mayonaka Midnight for more in-depth discussions on the character.

Comprehensive movelist + hitboxes courtesy of Dustloop:

UMvC3 OTT; Why cant I hold all this salt?

I’m just here to complement you on the thread title until I get the game on EU release.




I feel like I’m required to say nice title. =D


Aigi’s challenges are really rough. How are you guys dealing with them? I’m at 27 atm and its taken me 2 days to get this far.


Having trouble with 24. I can never land Mode Change B into jump C consistently. Dreading when I do get it because then I have to worry about hitting the sweep after Megido.


Make sure 5AA is only getting 2 hits (it still works with 3 hits, I think, but 2 is ideal). You want to do 5AA~22B immediately, 5C~6C~236D. The number of hits on the second A is the most important thing to watch for this combo, though.


This is really good for Aigis players and people that want to learn her.



AWESOME video Suparnovax. Thank you for posting this. Are you on XBL? Would like to play a few matches with you, as you seem to have a great overall knowledge of this game. XBL ID = karanji


I am on XBL. I’ve tried to soak up as much info as I can before the game came out. There’s still much to learn. My GT: Suparstarx


Is there a way to cancel her 2b into another special? I swear I saw Aigis players doing that in videos but I could be wrong.


I loled so hard at Magneto. Yes, this bitch basically trijump pressures you lol.


I’ve been having a hard time getting around Yokiko, Aigis needs set ups to be able to get to her Orgia mode safely but she keeps zoning me with fans. I can only work around it if I have meter, which sucks.

Any tips?


5D>Orgia mode>Fire Missles>Go in

well 5D has a slow start-up so you still gonna be careful


Yukiko always beats first time players it seems like. Every person if talked to seemed like they have trouble with her, myself included.

I just used the EX gatling gun from full screen to stop the zoning, hopefully break her Persona and get in, and even that is annoying.


What does her D even do? I never use it because all they do is break it. I’ve seen my persona rush attack the person like once but I don’t even know how I did it.

I’m using Burst and Evasive actions much more consistently now in better situations, so my match ups are doing much much better. It’s still hard for me to Mode Change and continue a combo but I’m getting used to it. Is there an easy way to time the Sweep, Dash into B for the decent BnB damage? (Has to be in Orgia Mode).

Now I’m having trouble against the guy with the chair, because his command grab literally destroys my health even when he’s not on Awakening. My zoning game isn’t cutting it even though it’s frustrating for them, it’s frustrating to me to have to use that crappy auto-combo because I can’t think of an easy BnB with her. Really loving her and people enjoy the matchup since there’s not too many of us floating around XBL. Now if I had a dollar for every Yosuke player who kept trying that delayed Cross Up move on me…


Counter attack. Athena appears and if she gets hit, she’ll rush across the screen. Same with the air version, only it goes up and dives down. If she gets hit again, she’ll be broken though.


Oh wow, that’s really useful. Lately I’ve been using it and it helped my Yu matchup tenfold. Still hating those 50/50’s since they’re too easy to set up IMO. Having to wait for the non-safe move to punish is a situation that happens almost way too common, all he needs to do is get a safe move in on me.


What I’m working on now is taking advantage of the fact that there is no pushblocking in this game, so off knockdowns I’m trying to see what I can do to make them block stuff then go for a short hop -> j.B overhead like what I did with Lambda in BB.



The only problem I see with that is she doesn’t have a lot of lockdown moves that will put enough stun on someone to even get the hop out :confused:

Also, once you activate, short hop is pretty redundant so no luck messing around there.