I need your help guys please



Can you guys help me out , I really wanna customize my joystick and i need your help to donate paypal money to me to help me out I been always wanna customize my joystick been 2 years now and I wanna also get it dual mod to Xbox and also my Xbox got Ring Of Death and i need you guys to donate please I really wanna play SSF4 too since I paid fully for it when it comes out ( pre-order copy ) but now i got ring of death and i bought it off a friend for 100 bucks and it got Ring of death and I need your guys help to donate so please donate here : Link removed ~Yeah Dood 120%~

Donate any money as you want to me

Thank you

  • EXCobra


What dude just work you have time. Go cut your neighborhood grass, wash there car. I’m not being mean but, asking us to contribute our hard earn money so that you can have fun just sounds foolish. I rather give it to Chris HU, who really needs it.


You have done absolutely nothing for me or the FGC.

And you want money? Do it like we all do it, GET A JOB.


This is like saying, I have a stock Honda Accord, could you guys pls give me money so I can trick it out?



:wtf: Yeeeeah, not going to happen here… dood!