I neend help with a template


sorry if this has been posted b4. can anyone help me make a template. i have the art i just dont have photoshop. please. its for me te stick. i can email it to you. please help.


Check out image mishmash if you want something in your flavor, or try http://shoryuken.com/f177/te-se-fighstick-template-thread-categorised-character-theme-*very-image-heavy*-194493/ if you want something already made.


i have the art i just need photoshop or some! that does:(


You can always get Photoshop for free…I can’t talk about that here though.


Isn’t gimp just like photoshop?


could u do the for me dan?


Learn how to use “the Gimp”

d3v does this for $ I think


I got one done by d3v, my request was super simple, and I’m and idiot when it comes to Photoshop, so it was money well spent.

-There are others who do the same, but d3v is smart and talented, and will work with you to get a template you will be pleased with.


yeah i ask him. so im just waiting on a reply. mine is simple too! well i hope it is. im just a noob at it!