I never liked KOF games, will I like XII?


This thread may seem somewhat stupid but I really don’t know if I should place my pre-order or not.
The thing is this- Me and my friends tried all the hot KOF games (XI,98,2k2 and their remakes) in different time periods, and never found them enjoyable. To each his own.
But then came XII…
Maybe it’s the visual upgrade, CCs and easier controls(?),but XII looks really fun in videos.

So I ask the people who played this game- Would you recommend it for people who were not fond of the series so far, or does it feel exactly the same and my hunch is wrong?


Probably not, but rent it first if your unsure.

If you like BlazBlue(guessing by avatar), I don’t see why you wouldn’t like KOF, at least a little. Maybe you didn’t give it enough time.


You should probably ask yourself why you didn’t like 98 and 2002 then go from there


You have to learn how to play and give it some time to understand why KOF is loved by its players.

But yeah if you just open your mind a little, KOF XII should be a great game for you guys to learn and then you can go to the past games also.


1.Didn’t like the presentation (graphics, style, music etc. etc.) at all. It’s worth mentioning that I wasn’t familiar with these games when I was a kid, so they don’t hold a nostalgia factor for me like SF does for example.
2.Had a lot of trouble getting used to doing short hops and those old-school strict timing combos.

It looks like both of these have been somewhat taken care of in XII, so I’m thinking of giving it a chance.

I can’t rent it. It’s either buy and get it shipped half a globe away to me or do nothing.
I’m leaning towards taking the gamble but I’ll decide by tomorrow.

On this one I’ll pass for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways thanks for the help, everyone :china:


short hops will be the same, combos will be easy like xi


i played the arcade version and had a blast but then again i like almost all fighting games. If i were you i’d wait to see other people’s “reviews” of the game then if u still have that itchin feelin i’d say take the risk and get it


I feel it’s like this: the more fighting games you try, the more you’ll ask of them. It still amazes me how people don’t seem to mind the lack of sub systems in sf 4 (such as guardbreak, different jumps, a type of alpha counter, mulitpul supers, etc, things pretty much all fighting games should have by now), or the ability to mash buttons and combo in BlazBlue. That don’t mean they ‘suck,’ just i find them personally lacking in some aeras, yet we still got them and play (played) them. Playing KoF at least you’ll get to see a fighting system something new that the games you currently play don’t have, such as being able to roll or dodge through things, the strat of playing 3 v 3, and the use of different jumps for a small example. Take good things from games just to personally build on as an Fighting Game enthusiast, so when the next one comes out, you’ll be able to critique the genre as a whole better.


Well said. :cybot:

  1. Okay, so you’re a graphics whore.

  2. Don’t you play GG? Makes me wonder how somebody can do GG combos and yet complain that games like 2002/XI have combos that are too hard.

  1. It’s not “graphics”, but everything regarding what you see and hear. I liked SF2’s presentation, and loved its sprites.
    On the other hand I really really like how XII looks so it can also go the other way around…
  2. Every essential combo I needed to do in GG was way easier for me than even the most basic stuff in KOF. Maybe people who play KOF a lot more then other games feel the other way around, I don’t know.

Don’t look at me as a “KOF hater” because I’m one of those people who play almost every fighting game series, and I do want a KOF game that I can really love and enjoy and I hope XII will be the one.


How does character gameplay variety go?

Looking from vids, there are some characters that play differently, but for the vast majority they have similar game-styles. I really like the sub-systems that KOF has from what I’ve seen and heard, but on first glance it seems like it’s character variety seems a bit wanting.


doing kyo’s C, C+D xx DM or clark’s hop A, C, hcf+D is hard? seriously man i tried playing GG and it’s cool and all but theres like too much shit going on… same with BB …that’s how i feel… and KOF has a nice, simple looking yet very deep rush down style of gameplay… to me in GG or BB the grapplers r immobile just like most capcom grapplers… in KOF every character can rush down… which is awesome cause i fucking hate turtling…

on a side note yes i think u should definitely give KOF a try… and maybe check out other SNK great titles such as Last Blade 2… if they ever make LB3 i’ll quit Soul Calibur Lee > Astaroth


all characters play differently… what might be looking similar to u is general stuff like C, C+D xx whatever… and everyone doing hop pressure… but if u r playing on high or even mid level then the characters really break down to their own unique strengths to open up the opponents weaknesses…

& in this version they totally changed up Clark & Ralf… in old KOFs they were like Ryu & Ken… what u have to realize is KOF is a very simple straight forward looking game… it doesn’t try shit like 3D ultra animations like sf4… or have super flashy dust & sparks all over the screen like GG or BB… btw i’m not hating on any of those games

KOFs main focus has always been constantly trying new elements, experimenting with new added features in every installment and still trying to maintain it’s classic fantastic gameplay… since their r more KOF titles then ANY OTHER F.G. in history… & with KOFXII theres also gorgeous visuals…


Thanks! I’ll definitely at least give it a rent. My only experience with SNK only games is genesis-era fatal fury with some werid two-line fighting mechanic I never understood.


don’t be surprised if some how to vids start to pop up in youtube from this game from seasoned players


lol at nineisnoone… my favorite of the fatal fury series was real bout: fatal fury newcomers… the 2 line fighting was sick in that one… crazy ass combos… not better than kof or last blade though… but better than samurai showdown… another awesome title was ninja masters… that game had so much potential… and also kizuna encounter or double dragon or waku waku 7… man snk needs to re-release all these old classics on psn and make them be online playable…


KOF is different from Street Fighter. KOF has kept the same formula much like Street Fighter, so I suggest you try and learn to like it. KOF seems to be more in depth than SF, so go download KOF 98 UM on Live and see if you can learn to like it. Maybe you never got the time to sit down with it. I didn’t, but I gave it a shot and started to like it, in some ways more than SF.

But if you hate KOF, don’t get KOF 12.


If you ever played 3s and thought, man, I wish I somehow became God after I landed a parry, then this is the game you’ve been waiting for.


Placed a pre-order.
I hope I made the right choice…