I-no? I-yes!


Made in Photoshop, it wasn’t originally meant to be I-no, but since it looked a lot like her, I added the hat as an afterthough.

Jeez, that looks creepy

But its good though. Looks alot like her. Good show.

DAMN!!!DA GAME has chills going through his spine after looking at I-No.Good pic.

It looks creepy.

Great work!!!

did you do this ALL in Photoshop?

For the background, I used a random rust texture I downloaded somewhere, but the rest was all Photoshop - having a tablet makes things much more natural.

…that’s some phukin’ good creativeness…and that tablet does help a lot. I should use it more often.

actually, I was lookin’ at the pic, and her shoulders width kinda makes I-no resemble a kid’s shoulders, nothin’ too bad though…otherwise it’s a nice pic.

Awa hell! Thats rocks! WOOO! Yeah, I love it!!


Oh yes. :slight_smile:

Pure mastery, superb job. I’d love to see more works done in this style.


i cant tell if u did this out of pure skill, or a combination of filters.