I-no thread!!


Can someone please post I-No’s best combos, anti airs, best moves, and good strats to play with I-No. I just started with her Help would be nice.


This is a little bit of a sort of guide i started writing for myself. Here are some of my I-no notes.

Basic Combos
Low- 2K, 6P, 5HS, CL
Mid- dash K, 5S, 6P, 5HS, CL

Basic AA
6P, 5S, j.K, j.S, dj.K, dj.S, CL
5K, j.K, j.S, dj.K, dj.S, CL
5P, j.P, j.S, CL
j.P, j.S, CL
airthrow, note
airthrow, combo

Note Mixes:
This is the staple of I-nos game. The further you are from your opponent, the more hits the note becomes, giving you the opportunity to apply I-nos basic high/low game while they are in block stun. Knockdown–>Note yields the best results.

Blocked Note (2+ hits)

  • dash K, throw
  • dash K, S
  • dash K, D
  • dash K, 2K
  • dash, 2K
  • dash, 2P/2K, dash
  • dash, 2P, 5H
  • dash, 2K, 2H
  • dash, 2K, 2D
  • dash, throw

In general, tiger kneeing(2147P) the note during your lockdown is the best bet since it is faster than the ground version. Some easy note setups would be:

  • throw, 2147P
  • 6P, 5H, CL, 2147P
  • 2D, 2147P
  • any untechable move, note

Note FRC
FRCing the note is great option to use if you want to use the brute force method to lockdown your opponent or reinforce your knockdown–>note wakes. Using this FRC, I-no can quickly dash and lockdown opponent with a bit of safety because the note will be covering I-no somewhat. Also, During the normal note pressure strings, FRCing the air note after a dashing K or D, yields another chance for mixup when I-no drops to the ground:

  • dash K, 214P, FRC, 2K
  • dash K, 214P, 236PKS(frc and air dive)
  • dash K, 214P, FRC, dash K
  • dash K, S, 214P, FRC, 2K
  • IAD K, 214P, FRC, Throw

Chemical Love
The other staple of I-nos game. This has incredible range and combined with the note, it lets I-no control an impressive amount of space. Since this is considered airborne on the first frame, it is useful to jump lows, CH throw attempts, catch backdashes, and otherwise escape wakes that lead into ground strings, causing the opponent to rethink their wakes/combos. It also does good damage, and has a FRC useful for combos, mixes, or safety:

  • 6P, 5H, j.H, CL, FRC, dash H, CL
  • 6P, 5H, TK CL, FRC, dash H, CL
  • 6P, 5H, TK CL, FRC, dash D, CL, K, 6P, CL, 6P, CL
  • 6P, 5H, TK CL, FRC, dash, 236P, 5H, CL, K, 6P, CL
  • 6P, 5H, TK CL, FRC, dash, 236P, 5H, TK CL, FRC, dash, 236P, 5H…
  •              (blocked in corner)dash K, S, CL, FRC, 2K
  •              (blocked in corner)dash K, S, CL, 236PKS
  •              (blocked in corner)dash K, S, CL, FRC, dash K
  •              (blocked in corner)dash K, S, CL, FRC, throw
  • (blocked)6P, 5H, JI CL, FRC, dash K, S, K
  • (blocked)6P, 5H, JI CL, FRC, dash K, S, 2K
  • (blocked)6P, 5H, JI CL, FRC, dash H
  • (blocked)6P, 5H, JI CL, FRC, dash empty j.H, 2K

However, it is an extremely high attack, so some characters can simply run underneath and punish (i.e. Sol dash K, 2H into D-loop). Use wisely.

41236S and 41236H are extremely useful moves as they completely duck high/mid moves and stagger on hit. This is also another option of mobility for I-no to escape some traps or pressure strings. I would say useful in XX, but very useful in #R since I-no has even more advantage on block, throw invincibility, and they move a good deal faster opening up new combos and pressure strings. Since the stagger causes the opponent stand, you can connect I-no’s IAD loop on characters sol height or taller as well. Also, on CH, you get a free 6P combo…or if they dont struggle well you get a free 6P combo.

air 236P/K/S
These moves are great for killing ground pokes as you can jump or sj to cause a whiff, then quickly retaliate. Works well against people trying to poke I-no out of 41236S. Add on the fact that can combo from each, or reset your mixup and it becomes quite the tool. You can also get somewhat of a high/low game going after JCable attacks such as 5P or 5K. On block, I-no has the advantage as long as she hits the opponent as close to the ground as possible, but generally the P has the least recovery and S has the most. 236P, 5P when timed correctly is a perfect block lockdown and they are stuck in blockstun. Sometimes the delay can mess with opponents timing which could be useful.

I havent really updated this guide in a few months, but hopefully it can get you off the ground. Of course there are more options that can be done than I listed, but that should be sufficient for you to understand some of her capabilities and innovate. I can try and help with anything else as well.


Charles is such a massive scrub, don’t listen to him. :lol:

I have a lot of experience against this character (thanks to the asshole who posted above me :wink: ), so I might be able to help somewhat. The quickest thing I can think of off the top of my head is to abuse her supers. She has the best supers in the game. Just don’t telegraph them like CaveMan does. :wink:


Her supers are good…I telegraph them all day.

air 2363214 is really good. It is an instant super which means that you can get really easy damage/crossups with it. Its good as anti-air, comboable, gives alot of blockstun, I-no has 0 recovery when landing. pretty much when it connects at all you gain momentum. IAD K, super is good. You can IAD K, wait, crossup super, or IAD K, wait, super, or IAD K, wait, j.S…etc.

632146H is good as well. Invincible and you can combo from it or reset note mixes. Cant complain. Well, sometimes the first or first two hits whiff. This super is not instant however. Depending on the range that this connects, you have varying amounts of advantage since it is a projectile.

In general, her supers have good BTFU (back the fuck up) properties.


hey thanks. Do you know what would be good to use against an Anji that does the butterfly trap good?


good job,cave man…
and yes her supers are good especially the one in the air…


if you really want to be good with i-no learn how to tigre knee her stuff she has a sick air to ground game



I will ask that this thread never be let to die again, even if I have to post useless jargon to keep it going. So anyways, here’s my I-no shit, its short, but maybe it will help

TKing her moves is a good thing, but only three moves are worth TKing. Those three are: her note, her j236H and her 2363214S. Her other moves 236P/K/S are at an angle so that means that they’ll hit the ground shortly after you start them, and if you take the time to hold them, you leave yourself open for a beating. Her note comes out faster when TKd, which was said earlier in ol’ buddy’s guide.

If you are going to play with I-no, just like Axl, you want to set the pace of the battle, she does not have a move that can’t be done in both the land and air with the exception of the slide so you are given the chance to beat someone in both fields and lets not forget using 2363214S as a counterattack.

Lastly, when using I-no, her worst enemies happen to be IMO Sol, Anji, and Baiken. Sol can easily take the lead away from you in battle and Anji and Baiken have their counters, which can be a real pain believe me. I have yet to master FRCs or JI, but I can assure you, if you want to play I-no advanced, then those will become necessities due to some of her moves’ lag time.

Her Dash is also unique as she flies, which makes air-to-ground combos a must. I’m still working on mine, but when I get some definite results, I’ll post them and try to help as much as I possibly can.

If you have any experimental combos or anything, don’t be afraid to post them, we’re a minority in the guilty gear world and we have alot to prove.


I agree, this thread should never die. I-no doesnt get nearly as much attention as she deserves. She does too much damage to be overlooked. But i guess it is good to play such an unpopular character…you can just beast people that have never played a serious I-no. Anyway, i will try to start posting random strats and combos to keep people interested.

TK 236H RC is great because it is a good mid/low/throw mixup ala sol’s grand viper. TK air super is too good for words…find ways to sneak this in to gain control of the match.

In regards to I-no’s dash mixup, learn the timing to attack as soon as possible after a dash. Also, after you get some fear in the opponent, use broken strings to dash back in and start you mixes over again. Also, whenever you want to empty dash then go low, always use an empty j. HS. I-no has recovery time after her dash so in essence: dash H(empty), 2K is faster than dash, 2K. (say you wanted to do throw, note, dash, low. The best option would be throw, note, empty dash j.H, low…or throw, note, dash 236P(whiff), low). This also has a couple of other benefits. You get to fake the opponent out with the beginning of the j.H animation, which might make them freeze up AND you get to option select the j.H with air throws incase they want to burst or jump.

Learn how to FRC the chemical love (CL) ASAP. It opens up too many options and wayy too much damage not too. Yeah, it is hard at first, but after awhile, you can do it with you eyes closed.:wink: Although you dont need to do CL frc combos for the win because all of I-no’s combo reset anyways…it helps you win faster because you dont have to mixup as much and gives you a decent lockdown option.

Combos… I was going to make a combo video but laziness is too…strong…here is one combo for now. I will post alot more later:

6P,5H, TK CL, FRC, dash j.D, CL, c.S, 5H, CL, 2S, CL, 5H(otg)

In XX it does 292 on testament and about 304 if you add j.H before. With out the otg, it is 287 and 301, respectively, and you get the reset. This does NOT work on all the cast(will post later) and you have to be in the corner when you hit j.D, CL. This is a great combo considering you can land it from her normal mixup (although dash K or S reduces the damage slightly) Also, it is REALLLy easy. 300 damage for 1 frc is sick. Also, if you get a counter hit 41236S/H, 6P combos afterwards and brings the damage to like 310-312 i think.

in general use dash K, 5S/2K,6P,5H, TK CL, FRC, dash j.H, CL for your frc combo outside of the corner. It works on every character and is better than 6P,5H, j.H,CL…etc because unlike that combo, they cannot tech after the TK CL combo. After this, you will probably be in the corner, and can go for better options/combos.

** first post way too long…must split up**


In regards to matchups, this is what i would like to discuss the most in the thread, i dont have exposure to that many different playstyles, so i think we can all help each other out to some degree. I for one think that I-no/sol is in I-no’s favor. Initially his 5K and VV made the battle very hard for me, but I-no can limit Sol in a few ways. Your basic tools in this fight are going to be 6P, 2S, 5K, 5P, and quick 236P/K/S, and 41236S/H for ground to ground and the normal anti-airs. if you have 50% meter, and sol does a gunflame string, do a TK air super before the flame hits to CH leading to atleast 50% damage or if he FRCs and blocks, you atleast gain the advantage and get the guard damage and mixup. Timing is kinda hard, but you can IB the hit before the gunflame to make it easier…or harder…lol.

For her ground tools, I-no’s 5P kills sol’s far S and the speed difference lets you do it on reaction. 5K trades with it but it has decent priority and range so you might stuff it and 2S is solid as well. Use 41236S/H to cut out alot of sol’s ground and air options and make him try to poke you out of it with 2D or the like, opening up the dives. I think sol has a hard time getting in on I-no. his best option IMO is like iad P which can be shut down with TK CL or j.P/air throw. 2K and 41236S/H are great to duck under IAD barrages and crossup/hit. As always, Sol has the VV threat to worry about, so try to bait and counter hard…If you arent sure if you can counter, just throw him…its damage and a note and you can option select and not take another VV to the face. I think the biggest problems in this fight are 1) sol’s dumb sprite makes I-no’s combo miss so your b&b changes to 6P,5S,CL which means you cant do the high damage combos without doing impratical JI combos 2) 5K fast and anti-air and 3) VV…when will sol do it?

I also think I-no has a good time against anji and she does alright against Baiken 42136S ducks each counter attack…but she can get a free CH anchor on block :(. If the note is on baiken and it is like three hits maybe four hits, it will hit her out of each of her counters. Like every other character in the game you have to change your whole strat just to fight her. more on that later…i hate baiken.


Doren damn first you ask someone to teah you someone new every week anyway ill give you one last tip about i-no listen to whatever caveman says hes the greatest :stuck_out_tongue:


WHere is the I-No combo vid at, someone had it on Direct Connect but after downloading it for a few they logged off.

Anyway im looking into I-NO not as a first character but someone to mess with, though she seems difficult i like her style.


Get on IRC and go to efnet #gamecombos and just start grabbing vids, there are lots of them on IRC. IF you dont feel like doing that, you could go to TET’s site which has a few #R combos and small strat vids too. The page is in Japanese, so that could be a little bothersome, but it is really helpful:


p.s to get to the movie page, go to the third column beside “hover” and click on the bottom link.



The thread lives!!!

Ky is my bane at this moment with my I-no, I need some help in avoiding those annoying fireballs, the slide helps, but I don’t have too many good followups to it. Help with that would be great.


I picked up I-NO today, man it was fun for a While…Till the local Bridget Raped me over and over again. Any Suggestions for this spesific matchup?

I tried using the HCF+s/h to get in under the Yo-yo…But would often get Stuffed anyway, Advice on how to use this Move better in general?


Bridget can be a tough fight because he zones so well. But Bridget used to be my main so I know a bit about him. 41236S/H does go under bridget’s far slash, but dont forget about bridget’s 3P which will be a free stagger, combo/knockdown, yo-yo trickery if he predicts your slide. If the player is predictable, i say use it every once in a while to make him think about 3P and counter that with 6P to combo. The better option IMO, is to 6P the far slashes. I-no’s 6P can hit bridget out of f.S if she is like over half screen away. Dont just throw them out though.

Bridget has good AA with 6P, 6S, starship. Try not to advance much without the threat of a note somewhere. Bridget’s 6S is really good against I-no because she can outspace 41236S/H and still CH anything else I-no does. Stay just outside the range of 6S to throw TK notes and CL to potentially start a pressure string. On wakeup, try and bait starships and punish with CL although there isnt much you can do if they FRC.

Become familiar with the range a few moves, and a few patterns to cause a whiff then dash in/TK note. Once I-no gets in, its a tough fight for bridget, IMO. Can you describe what your local bridget does?


The slide mixed with dives works well against Ky. The slide avoids alot of his normals and specials so it is a good tool in the first place and the dive is good if he tries poke you out of the slide or use stun dipper too much. For followups after the slide hits, RC into dash S, 6P combo or RC into 6P combo depending on distance. Actually, if your opponent isnt a good struggler, 6P combos on slip recovery 2. Here is a good combo that works mid screen from the slide:

41236H, 6P, 5H, TK CL, frc, dash D, CL, c.S, 5H, CL, 2S, CL

does about 299 and 302 with a otg 5H. If you didnt quite make it to the corner for the c.S to hit, just use 5K, 6P, CL, 6P, CL for 280 and 283 damage, respectively.


I’m just posting to clear up what I think is misinformation.

I am more of the opinion that Sol/I-no is an even match. I-no does force Sol to play differently, but this doesn’t make him any less of a potent force. He just has to play a smarter ground game and take advantage of every little opportunity (which he can then make into a big comeback if he needs it).

It should be noted that at the right range, all of I-no’s good pokes die to Sol’s 2D. It’s faster than both 6P and 2S and goes under 5K and 5P. Counterhit 2D -> Gun Flame -> FRC, dash into aircombo or Dloop is massive damage anywhere on the screen, plus knockdown. Just for future notice.

I assume by quick 236P/K/S you’re referring to her air dives. These are really good moves because they’re safe if spaced correctly and a hit almost always guarantees knockdown, sometimes more. She can also delay them against someone who runs up and waits for them without doing a smart counter. These work really well against reckless rushing Sol, but he can still beat them out at all of their useful ranges. In close he can simply 5K for an easy counterhit (aircombo, knockdown, you know the drill). From farther away he has to anticipate and do dash j.K into aircombo. Not as reliable but still very doable if you have good reading skill.

41236S/H are good for mixups and mindgames but I wouldn’t recommend them unless you really have your opponent freezing up. Pretty much all of Sol’s good crouching pokes kill this (counterhit 2D is too good, 2K is safe so you can’t really bait it out and punish him). Better used in block strings, the FRC to throw is useful.

Never seen this before. You sure she won’t land on the tail end of the FRCed GF? Maybe not, she does have a lot of invincibility. Still kinda eh-sounding, though.

I don’t see how 5P kills 5S(f) with Sol. Maybe you’ve done it to me and I don’t remember it clearly enough, but far S should beat it out if spaced right. In closer it obviously wins (way faster). Sol shouldn’t be doing a lot of far S in this fight anyway. If he’s not in range for 2D, he should be doing 5H instead. 2S needs to be done in anticipation in order to beat out far S because far S is faster. 5K trades unless again, you’re doing it by anticipating. A lot of I-no’s game against Sol is anticipation; she doesn’t just outright beat his shit most of the time.

Risky. Most of Sol’s ground moves that aren’t far S/5H will beat this out. Whiffed 2D does leave you open to diving. Just have to be a little more careful.

At far range, Sol can just run up to I-no and there is quite literally almost nothing she can do about it. Most of her pokes get 2Ded. Anything else he can 5K. Airgames get taken out by j.P. It’s a matter of who does what first. If the Sol player is patient and doesn’t just attack without thinking, I-no has a hard time dealing with him.

I really think this fight can go either way at almost any time. The main problem is that if I-no gets knocked down, she is done. Without a super she has no invincible wakeup and the only way she has out of Sol’s wake pressure is trying to time counterthrows. If she tries to jump away from his pressure she gets killed REALLY quickly. If he lands one good combo to get the knockdown (like, mistimed dive from I-no and he combos her), all he needs then is one good Dloop off of a wake and the fight is basically over. On the flip side, I-no has some incredibly awesome wakeup pressure. She needs to zone Sol properly and get a knockdown. Once she does, she’s got plenty of options. VV can be a threat, but I think I-no has an easier time baiting it and she does TOO much damage to risk too many of these. Her only real problem at that point is that she can’t do many of her super-kill-you combos on Sol because 5H whiffs on him a lot. j.D also isn’t as useful in her mixes against him because j.D -> CL whiffs most of the time. He has a few other ways around her wakes. Wakeup Riot Stamp can fuck up her mixes because she has to totally reorient her focus on him (instead of being locked on the ground, he takes a couple of hits from note in the air and can tech). You also have to perfectly time your note wakes. Do the note too early and he can jump block to avoid mixes or Grand Viper under it (this is randomly good or bad for him, I’d lean more towards bad because of the random part).

That’s about it for me. Keep up the good work.


Thanks Blake for posting here. Its good to get a good discussion going here. I would like to clarify/counter a few things about the Sol/I-no matchup. I still think that it is in I-no’s favor btw.

Yes, I-no does force Sol differently and smarter in the fight. He has to play a better game than I-no in this fight, IMO. Comebacks are irrelevent because I-no has the same damage potential that Sol does.

This is misleading. It will kill something that will blatently whiff, yes. 2K will CH this to combo, quick air dive will CH and knockdown/combo, dash will make it whiff, and 2S will just out range this. It should be noted that 41236S/H kills sols pokes as well. Both 2D and 41236S/H require abit of anticipation to work, but i think I-no’s slide has more options associated with it because of the range and especially with the frc. The real issue is that Sol is going to have trouble getting in on I-no from the ground. As soon as he enters 2S range, I-no can 2S for free and all sol can do is VV, GV, or super basically. CH 2S is a free CL if sol is standing and on block or hit you can simple start a note rush or go into other zoning patterns. lots of safe options. Once sol gets in close he will have a much better time.

Yes, they work well against reckless rushing sol. I disagree about beating I-no out at their effective ranges. A rushing Sol has a harder time than you would think dealing with a quick 236S dive. To punish this he would have to do a well timed 5K, 6P, VV or the like and that could open up all sorts of punishment. In close, sol can 5K on reaction pretty much…but when sol is inside, there are a different set of tools, although this could still work. It is hard however to attain the desired spacing with these sometimes. Again, it is who out guesses who, but I think I-no has some better options coupled with her normal ground game. This is another option that Sol has to worry about.

Yup, they are good in mind games and mixups. Great if you have some anticipation. They can also be used as a lazy antiair and escape from iad type offenses. Again, you can CH if anticipated, but I-no counter those options again.

You can interrupt GF strings with a TK super without landing on the tail end of the GF. Well, GF strings outside of like 2D,GF and close 5H,GF. However, you can just ground super those strings, or any GF strings for that matter. This is best used for short strings like 5K,5S,2D, GF or 2K,2D, GF or the like. You can then do air super, j.H, CL for a knockdown and 208 damage. You do however have to anticipate when sol will cancel into a GF, but that may or may not be a hard task. simply doing the ground super would be a safer option as it executes faster so you wont risk getting hit during the startup time. It is slower and therefore easier to block, however.

5P will beat 5S(f) from any range that 5S(f) can hit I-no. Try it. you cant combo from it unless you are closer, but it will stop him in his tracks. Its best to throw a note and push the offense. Or you could just 41236H under those long range pokes anyways. 2S doesnt need to be done in anticipation. 2S when sol is in range not much guesswork because that is the constant.

On the contrary, there isnt really anything sol can do about 2S outside of VV, GV, super. If he is in range, I-no can just do it, if it hits great. If not just wait or cancel to a note or do anohter 2S or anything else really. yay. He cant just rush up to I-no, unless I-no was caught off guard. But that isnt really a strength over her. Its not exactly who does what first, either. It is sol out guessing and getting in to actually do damage.

I agree that the fight can quickly go either way at any time. But I still think that the fight is slightly in I-no’s favor. She can zone him well on the ground pushing him to the air and his success there can be varied. On the ground sol will have to hesitate a bit if he is in 2S range and that can lead to note mixes or other good things for I-no. A psychic CL will kill all IAD pressure or what have you and I-no can resist air entry a few other ways as well. WIthout super, she is screwed on wakeup or when sol is on the offense but that is Sol. Its also one of the only times when sol really forces I-no to make a decision. Riot stamp is good to escape note mixes when I-no aims the note down. If it is going horizontal, he will be hit. You can then set up tech throws or combos.

Ideally, all note wakes would be inescapable. The best option out of the note stuff would be jump and IB the first hit of the note and air throw I-no. This is somewhat hard due to nature of the note though. Also, this only works if the note wake isnt perfect. As for grand viper, I think this will work if the note is going horizontal, but will still hit if it is aimed down…i am not 100% though.

Sorry for another long post, but lets keep the discussion up.


Heh, Funny you would have to ask what a bridget does :smiley: anyhow…

He Zones you off with the yoyo realy well, Aproaching by the ground is all but suicide because if you arn’t catching a yoyo to the back of the head mid attack/dash then you are geting out prioritized by a semi ranged attack or Starfighter’ed(? the inv’ yoyo sphere thing) Then he usualy combos from there and uses the planted yoyo to extend the combo (if it’s still out there).

Wakeup, His wake up if you mount any kind of preasure on his wakeup then he inv wakes up and the blob goes right threw.(iv tried to time this with a Stroke, to catch em on the recovery from his wakeup but its only 50/50ish).

On your Wakeup he Likes to put a Yoyo Either right on top of you, or behind you to aid him in breaking your guard…Usualy by using the bladed teddy to force guard while he High/Lows, till it opens you up for the combo.

Air aproach, when you aproach by air he uses the overhead yo yo swing or starfighter or just blocks, Then Comes the yoyo to the back of your head.

Its realy hard to discribe what he does, without sounding silly…but i can assure you he is good, and his bridget and milla are royal pains in the Arse :smiley:

Iv’e been having trouble getting Her IAD to go off properly, is there some “trick” to I-No’s IAD that i’m missing? or am i just being slopy or something? :evil: