I noticed SAKURA has a 3rd alternate costume



I’m sure this is common knowledge… when you select SAKURA’s alternate costume and select color 10, she’s not wearing RYU’s top. Are there any other characters with a 3rd outfit I’m not aware of?



Nope. Sakura is the only one.

In SUper SF4 though, the developers have announced that more characters will have this sort of variation.


Doesn’t chun sport another outfit for her 10th?





Sometimes, people amaze me. I just read another forum post where a guy was asking which country Blanka and Dhalsim are from…well, I guess you gotta start learning somewhere.


well, I noticed the #10 costumes for lots of characters are more broad than the rest, like Zangief, Fei Long, Gouken, Honda, rufus, and others are Pale as fuck. Ken’s last one makes him red as the devils dick.

Idk, maybe the clothes don’t change, but the skin and hair colors change drastically.


Oh god I hope this doesn’t happen with Dan.


They are from Mars.


Take a look at Chuns legs in the Original 10 and get back to me. =p


It’s just darker colour stockings (or whatever you want to call them), it’s not like they actually removed something from the model.


Good! Alternate 1 is close enough to Ryu’s sweaty garments.


what the fuck is wrong with you