I now live in Chicago

It’s cold all the time, all the black people look like straight up killers, and Chicago has the most impressive collection of buildings I’ve ever seen in my life. Seriously…it’s an encyclopedia of architectural styles ranging from beaux arts all the way to futurism. It’s a true megalopolis.

Some pics I instagramed:




^ This building (Chicago Merchindise Mart) is so big, it has it’s own zip code.

Now what the hell else is there to do here aside from eating hot dogs without ketchup? They literally yell at you if you order ketchup on a Chicago Red Hot.

man, I wanna move outta town (country actually). do you guys just go and find a job when you get there or set it up beforehand?

gl keepin up on the herb game

Well my situation was different because my roommate (who is also my boss) is originally from Chicago. My job is based here as well. Our lease was up at the end of Feb so we drove from Los Angeles to Vegas and from Vegas to Phoenix where I flew to Chicago and he drove straight through to Chicago.

And I stay faded. But LA spoiled me. I have no idea what I enhale from here. But at least it’s good so I can’t complain.

Buy a Kevlar umbrella, it’s real in Chicago I hear.

Welcome to Chicago…try not to get shot.

Stay safe, player.

Have sex with Colt Cabana and CM Punk

Oh snap. I know it is getting really bad to the point where they are considering martial law. I am moving there in September if not sooner, and all I can say is stay in the loop or north of there. Everything else is like a scene from book of eli. Otherwise, stay safe and enjoy the windy city. Also indulge in that deep dish pizza.

I’m safe and sound in the North Side. And yes I went to town on a deep dish pizza.


Why is the north side of every city the safe side? Did all the thugs/gangsta decided to be on the south side?

Except for Baltimore of course because it’s West vs East in B-More.

(Shut up that’s what The Wire taught me).


P.S I was joking… West and East were broke and ghetto as fuck. It was actually the southwest that had the middle income white people and I think North was once again… the wealthy rich white people. <3 The Wire.

The best thing to live in chicago is not live in chicago.

Everyone lives in the suburbs

Welcome to Chicago man, greatest city in the world! And seriously, stop asking for ketchup on hotdogs…that’s just not accepted in these parts.

Uh…don’t get killed?

What in the holy high fuck is that? Is that tomato sauce or really burnt cheese?

so how’s the house music scene out there?

WTF else you supposed to use, Mustard? Fuck that nonsense, ketchup all the way.

From someone who lived in the gasp South side for almost 2 years, Hyde Park is pretty safe roughly 47th -60 street or so.
It is close to UC and while not much going on, is close to downtown at least.

As a FL guy who lived there, I loved the public transport. its generally efficient. I didnt need a car for the most part. Also, Midway is a lot less crazy to fly out than Ohare. Orange station straight to Roosevelt in downtown.

**Sights **I liked and were worthwhile imo

Milennium Park -

Shedd Aquarium

Sears (or willis) tower.–** Dont go to the nightime signature lounge unless you want to get price gouged and have crappy service. Or know you are definitely getting some ass**

Field Museum - nice dinosaur and native american exhibits

Rush and Division - bar/club areas . Good for bar hopping. Your mileage may vary regarding enjoyment.


Lou Malnatis is probably the best of the Chicago deep dish pizza. Giordanos is mostly cheese with little taste.

Devon Street (west Rogers Park) . If you like Indian and Pakistani food, go here not some downtown place.
cheapest place Ghareeb Nawaz - Biriyani for 5 bucks can feed 2-3 big guys.
King Sweets - Kashmiri Chai. Sukhadias- Samosas and various indian snacks

Toro sushi - Clark street . Very fresh fish. Small space though and popular lol. Try to go non peak times.

Molly Cupcakes- Not a cupcake person but right next to the above sushi place. Very creative cupcakes with filling in. Another popular spot.

What neighborhood are you staying in? I know we are looking at Logan Square, Lincoln Park, River North, Gold Coast, Bucktown and Lakeview. I am actually gonna visit there in June. My wife will be there the same time I am at FR.

North Side has the Cubs. You’re not safe from the misery.