I now live in Chicago


Ah, thank you for this! I’m actually going to be going to Chi-town for the first time in April with this chick, so I’ve been looking for cool things we can do while we’re up there.


If you find CM Punk, tell him I said Hi.


…make sure to randomly walk around Rogers Park at night, its on the north side so it must be safe right? Nobody will be able to tell you are a transplant BTW.

Dangerous J is correct…Lou Malnatis for pizza in general. A litle place on the north side called Gulliver’s Pizza however, you definitely need to check it out.

Watch those red line stops at night.

Blue line straight to O’Hare is too easy since you are north already.

If you have a car but no garage you are fucked.


Well, it’s better than Detroit.


Take her to Navy Pier, Wicker Park and Magnificent Mile.


Buddy Guy’s, Three Floyds Beer, Osaka Sushi & Bubble Tea place, and DAT DEEP DISH…
You’re in a great town my dude.


If you’re going with a girl, Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue in the heart of downtown) is nice to walk down.
There are upscale shops , and the Hersheys or Ghirardelli shops with nice drinks /treats.
They have horse-drawn carriage sometimes that take you around the Lake michigan. My gf liked it.
I’m poor so I never bought anything on michigan lol.

There are more affordable shops on State Street which is parallel to Michigan Avenue(away from the lake).
The Red line train runs along this street which makes it convenient for sightseeing.(there are a few stops every few blocks)

Navy Pier wasn’t that great imo. The best thing was an architecture boat tour approx 1 hr duration which takes along the lake near downtown and point out the various buildings and their significance.

If you’re using public transport, get the CTA pass, which come in 1 day, 3 day, and 1 week increments. they work on the buses and colored underground trains (red, blue, orange/green) but not METRA, the above ground train.
Red line is 24 hrs which is nice but be careful at late nights, some bums, druggies, and schizophrenics lurk. The other trains have varying times. Weekend times have less frequent stops in some areas so google maps before going anywhere.


Why would you willingly move to Chicago?


from that almost 3 year old article you posted, you do realize it says aids cases reduced up to 2k10, and the only increase seen was actually in the north side (the nice parts), where most of the gay population is much more dense at.


We’re staying at the Felix which I think it either on, or near Magnificent Mile, so that’s a bet.

A few other places we were thinking of going:

I was thinking of taking her to Sunda for dinner because we wanted to eat at an upscale place. We were also looking at going to a hookah bar and Samah got good reviews on Yelp. Thoughts?

I was also thinking about us going to the Art Institute for the Picasso exhibit.

Thanks for the heads up on the public transport, especially late night. Are there any particular stops in the North/Central Downtown area that are a good idea to stay away from later on? Our plan is to get a pass and try to take the train everywhere we can, though I think we’ll also be hitting the Mag.Mile quite a bit too. How much do the week long passes cost?


Rooster Sauce is the best topping on a hot dog.


I know exactly where that is. I think its like a couple blocks from the Hard Rocke Hotel. I stayed at the Alegro in the loop and Public in Gold Coast. All I know is that you are driving you better hope you have a small car or are taking a cab, because parking there is brutal (not for me though because my car is tiny). Have fun though, I love the city.


I’m driving up from Nashville and she’s flying down from Duluth, so there’ll only be one car but it’s a Saturn Ion which isn’t big. Do they make you park on the street or something? Don’t the hotels have parking? O_o


I think they went up on the parking, not sure. I do know public transportation went up.


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Each pass is 28 plus tax. It is a good deal since its based on the time you first use it.

Regarding spots to avoid, I cant help you out exactly since I worked on southside and visited downtown on weekends/holidays.
but you probably want to use Roosevelt as the southernmost boundary of your stay. That station is red/green/orange and is an unoffical beginning of the downtown “loop”. The Michigan avenue is right around the corner and is safe.
Between Roosevelt to roughly Chicago red stop is the loop , or downtown area.

North of the Loop or downtown are lincoln park neighborhoods, and Lakeview/Wrigleyville near the baseball stadium.
If you are going to the Wrigley Field, that is close to the Addison redline stop.
clark/Division red line stop is where the Rush/division bar area is closest to that I posted earlier in the thread.

If you are going to the Sushi/cupcake area in the northside, check out Lincoln park zoo . Its free. There is a Conservatory/botanical garden too which is free also.


Awwwwwwesome Dangerous J, thank you so much! This is all great info! :slight_smile:


I’m in Chicago now.

Whoever said Giordano’s isn’t good…SCREW YOU! Just kidding (kinda). I’ve learned people have their different taste in pizza. The big chains are - Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, Uno’s, and Giordano’s. They’re all kind of similar (Chicago style), but there are differences in between. Try them all if you like that style of pizza. If you don’t like cheese…you’re in the wrong city.

Molly’s Cupcakes - very popular. I like this place. Go here if you like desserts. A few stores down is Del Seoul, which is Mexican/Korean fusion. Pretty trendy.

If you have 2 weekends or so free, definitely do Chicago’s City pass. You get to go to the main museums, Willis/Sears tower, etc. for a discounted rate. I really enjoyed doing this.

Scooter’s Frozen Custard - kind of like frozen yogurt, but it’s different. Definitely worth a try.

Lincoln Park - free admission, so why not?

Haven’t gone to Navy Pier, but it seems like a touristy place.

Millenium Park - has the art museum here too. The park itself looks different in the day and night (lights make it look really different).

Definitely take a date up to the Signature Lounge on the 95th floor of John Hancock building. The view is really cool and free. Drinks/food here is a little pricey. Apparently, the girls’ rest room has an good view of the city too. Guy’s restroom doesn’t though.


DEFINITELY going to add this one to the itinerary! :slight_smile:


Parking is expensive. You can park on the street in the loop if you can actually find a spot. The average price on the street in the Loop is about 12 bucks for three hours. When I went last April the Hotel I was in was 3 blocks from the lake in the Gold Coast neighborhood, so I didn’t pay for parking because I found a spot like a block from the hotel in the residential area. When I went in August it was a bit more because I stayed in the loop and parking was 45 a day, but I got in and out privileges so I didn’t have to keep paying, and I got a night free. But free parking is not going to happen. Now when you head farther out then parking becomes cheaper, so I would say just go for public transit or a cab. The average cab cost for me and my wife in August was around 7 bucks. We walked a lot as well, so if you can find a good spot and hoof it then do that. But yeah you won’t want to drive unless its to the outskirts because Chicago traffic blows.

Cool spots to hang will be Millenium park, Wriggleyville if you like the bar scene, and if you like House/EDM then check out the world famous Smart Bar (that place is so dope). A cool event is Porn n Chicken which is basically a dope party. Wicker park is good for fashion that isn’t so mainstream (St. Alfred is one of my favorite stores). Navy Pier is cool just to walk it and say you’ve been. Honestly there is so much to do that you will find it hard to fit it all in a single weekend.


Fuuuuuuck, so like, the hotels don’t even have parking lots, is that what you’re getting at? My plan was for us to just leave the car at the hotel and walk/take public transit everywhere. But shit, I may have to figure something else out if I can’t even leave the car at the hotel. :\

Thanks for the tips too man! I was talking to her last night and joking about taking her to an EDM club (I love EDM, but her not so much xD ) I might have to put that on the itinerary even just for funny purposes.