I officially quit shoryuken


You are swine.


Taco Bell gives me the worst shits, feels like it cleaned out my whole system.


@WTF-AKUMA-HAX can fill you in in more detail


We should probably ask for that old stuff in there? Keep it contained and all in one spot.

pherai was made into the artwork style of the SF3:3rd game intro as well!

Probably lost forever by now, a damn shame.


Best use of ketchup imo



Vegetarian hands in the air don’t care woooooo

Veggie hot dogs are bomb

Real talk I saw Panda Express and saw where this was going. Panda Express is an Asian plot to destroy your bowels. Winners Just Say No.


“The Old SRK” thread having the little galaga flags makes me happy. I wish I had the full set of them. I think I have a couple somewhere. :sad:

uh. Anybody have those?

I responded to that thread. Sorry, I miss a lot. =P


Brown Sauce?


Hellman’s or Miracle Whip?


ketchup + macaroni


no. I’ve been eating spicy food for a while. never heard of the whole white ppl and no spicy food thing until recently.

re: hot dogs
and vegan hot dogs are way better than actual hot dogs. sometimes mock meat is actually better, and with hot dogs it’s definitely true


Why couldn’t you have been with me when I saw that Panda.


Since we’re having these arguments, who makes the best chocolate milk mix/syrup? I stand by Ovaltine. Shit is so good you can eat it straight out of the can


You never had Scrapple. Scapple is the shit that does not make it into hotdogs.
And the shit that does not make it into Scrapple is boiled for gelatin.


Strawberry Quik is up there.

Do we have a tier list for this somewhere?


Making fun of people with disabilities IS extremely tasteless and very anti-PC these days, and having a serious one myself definitely strikes a nerve, but I sure wonder what exactly happened here…(no I didn’t read anything but page 1 since this seemed to turn silly real quick).


Should the tier list be expanded to include the already made Quik drinks?


Also Miracle Whip isn’t Mayo, it is salad dressing.


Anyone who disagrees with this can now no longer get any sort of work (repairs, mods, etc.) done on their sticks/controllers at events. Sriracha is the official sauce of Tech Talk and any bad mouthing of it will not be tolerated.

Kewpie, if you’re gonna put mayo on anything then it should be Japanese mayo.

Ovaltine is great, but Milo is no slouch either. The Singaporeans have a great way of serving it called a “Milo Dinosaur” which is basically it, bit with raw Milo powder piled on top of it.


Siracha is overrated, fight me.