I officially quit shoryuken


OMG White Castle is such shit. They try to compensate for their shitty quality with sheer quantity. That simply aint gonna cut it. It wasn’t until that Harold & Kumar movie where it was brought to my attention that it has some sort of cult following among stoners for some reason?

The fuck you think KI is, a syndicated TV series?

Wasn’t it the Prince of Masturbation or some shit?


Because all that money saved was invested into rnd.


I think the stoner following is because of what you said. Sheer quantity. You can buy an absurd amount of food for relatively cheap in comparison to other fast food places.

Or who knows. Maybe once you smoke enough weed your taste palate just goes out the fucking window, whether or not you’re actually high.

I mean my former step dad used to eat some really stupid shit when he smoked. One time I caught him making a peanut butter/ jelly and Oreo sandwich. I like all 3 of those things but I don’t think they all mix together when you add in Oreos. Eating them WITH the sanwhich? Sure. ON the sandwich? Not sure man.


when I ate at white castle it was literally nothing but young white people there.
I felt like I stumbled into the last crusades… like nigga pass the meade and the goblet, this here is the feast of kings.

Shit was garbage, flavorless meat that left my stomach in agony, them sliders slid themselves right into the trashcan.


I only have MickeyD when I am too hungover to remember what real food is.


i can see why everybody talks shit about you in the discord i started.


So, must be what got BeGuiled.


We talk shit about him everywhere. Fuck that guy.


I went to Arby’s for the first time in years.

Those fish flatbreads were wet af.


getting away from fast food was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.


Fuck that


Agreed, Davidstar is about as nasty as those onion water soaked Whitecastle burgers.

You know White Castle is nasty when the people behind Epic Meal Time say White Castle Burgers fucking sucks. And they would eat anything.


You can take your ass out of Shoryuken but you can’t take the Shoryuken out of your ass you little bitch.


5 guys is overrated just like @COAL


i worked hard for my galaga ships. i want them back.



Wasn’t it the Prince of Masturbation or some shit?

Don’t remember what contest it was, I just remember he made a random thread announcing a contest and for whatever reason I opted in. That was back when SRK was blue with tiny white font…ah the good ol’ days. Insaniac was super obsessed with LS1 F body cars back then and yes he was all about underage girls. It’s weird now but back then we were all like, “meh, whatever, to each their own” when he posted about it.

Oh shit look at me not knowing how to properly snip and quote. ooooooops! Not fixing it, don’t give a phuk.


Does that mean 5 Guys makes fun of people with disabilities too?

I officially quit 5 guys


In and Out Burger is the best. Their fries and their burgers can’t be beat. We used to have a Buns & Burgers, but they shut down


No. The burgers are about as good as Steak N Shake, which then puts in a battle between Gimmicks vs. Solid Options. Options always win.


If that isn’t a yaoi doujin title, I don’t know what is.