I opened a te2 and what i saw surprised me


I bought a used te2 and i was curious on the brain of the fight stick but what i saw intrigues me not sure this a norm for this stick but it looked janky asf


That’s definitely not stock. Google images can show you approximately what it’s supposed to look like.

A couple of questions, though:

  1. What platform is this for?
  2. Does it actually work?!?
  3. How much did you pay for the used stick?


Q1)ps3 and ps4 and pc
Q2)so far its works on pc and ps3 dont have a ps4
Q3)i bought for 7,500 jpy thats 68.66 US Dollar


Ok cool.

What does the Device Manager show when you plug it into a PC?

It’s pretty evident that it’s been modified; it looks like they took out the original PCB and replaced it with whatever’s on that board. My first suspicions would be that they took out the PS3/PS4 PCB (for the PS4-compatibility), and put in a cheap/generic USB board that’ll work on PC and PS3.


it says P4 Wired gamepad


That’s actually pretty cool.


Could it be that theres a brook ps3/4 pcb beneath that doughterboard? Also what kind of te2 was this originally. I suspect it was one of the last gen/xbone versions. Wouldnt make sense to have perform 5his mod otherwise.


that might be a brook ps34 fighting board with the button connector for the TE2. Very clever but poorly executed :frowning: i don’t like glue on pcbs lol


I reckon it could be a pad hack, P4 make unlicensed ps3 and Ps4 pads. I think it’s 90% the same parts looking at my pad. Only difference is they don’t have the Sony logo on the home button. Search ebay for double shock…
Actually after just checking ebay there seems to be a lot of companies at it


Actually for the majority of PCB replacements, thats actually quite standard fare.
Looks like they use a pref board and reuse connectors in order to reuse existing wiring.
Pref boards are fine for one-offs or small batches.

The presence of glue in it self isn’t bad if utilized correctly, reinforcing hardware and connectors, wire-strain relief (on the wire insulation, not the solder joints).
Glue should be never used to hold down a PCB or to be used on solder joints. Good solder joints never needs hot glue or epoxy.

Although I feel that I have issues with the mod, but I seen way worst.