I owe everyone an apology

I’m sorry. I’ll come right out and say it. I haven’t been acting like a mod lately. Instead, I allowed a troll to get on my nerves so much that it got me riled to the point that it interfered with my common sense and I even created a thread based on it.

Again, I’m sorry. I’ve learned my lesson.

And you, you know who I speak of. People will cheat. It’s a fact of life. Shit happens, and it’s OUR job, as LEGIT players, to overcome the cheats with pure skill. If you don’t have said skill, learn it. There is a legit way around EVERYTHING. Be it learning so called “cheap” tactics yourself, or intense practice, or whatever, you CAN overcome it. I will not tolerate the same shit over and over. You’ve made your point. You hate cheats, as I’m sure does every other legit gamer out there. Move on, and quit preaching. No more repeat topics from you. Either post something USEFUL or new, or stifle it.

tis alright, i am almost certain those who have warm blood still within their veins take your side, though some may object to you sailor talk

i’ll let it slide this time…hah

hey how about u ban dbostick lol

whooo’s my creampuff?[/sadam voice]

(south park movie reference)