I-pac question

i have one of those i-pac pcbs used for mame that has the ps2 (mouse) ports. i was wondering if this would work for the playstation 3 preferably for ssfhdr (super street fighter hd remix). so i can get my joystick to work because i use a ps2 to usb connecter but… the buttons do not work… im not sure if its the jumpers or something else so ant help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

While I am a fan of the I-Pac the Cthulhu board can do everything the I-Pac can and more. For your MAME machine and PS3, it really is the way to go and worth the money since it’s cheaper than the newest versions of the I-Pac I have seen.

HD remix doesn’t allow you to map inputs to a keyboard, so you’re gonna be out of luck with the I-pac.

The Ipac isn’t just a keyboard encoder - common misconception. You can get an adapter (from Ultimarc) to use it as a PSOne/PSTwo pad. (It only works with the PS/2 version of the Ipac, not the USB version). I have no idea what the lag is like on it though, because in order to use it with the PS3 you would need to use the Playstation adapter plus a Playstation 2 to Playstation 3 adapter.

(Sorry for the odd wording. I wasn’t sure how to distinguish the PS/2 port on the PC and the Sony PS2 system)

All of this is why I also used the Cthulu board to build my new stick. I decided that the ability to use it on a PS3 lag-free was more important than trying to make it work with multiple consoles.