I paid 350$ for SFxT

Every saturday, three of my friends bring their arcade sticks over to play Street Fighter. It’s our vacation from work and girlfriends, and the highlight of our weeks.

That is, until Street Fighter X Tekken was released…

I’ve had to explain to the less experienced players in our group WHY Capcom would leave out key characters, charge us for an incomplete version of the game, gems, and forget about game breaking bugs like no-sound online. It all escalated TODAY when we all looked forward to playing coop online, only to load up the game and discover that Capcom didn’t include online coop in the Xbox version (it’s in the manual?!)!!

I smashed my Xbox 360 on the spot, then drove an hour to buy a used PS3 for 300$ and SFxT for 50$, JUST so we could play a more complete version of SFxT.

Microsoft, Capcom, your money-making scheme makes me sick. This has gone too far. You think we’re all rich sub-urban families buying your games? Most of us are students who save up money to support our favorite franchise. We’re loyal fans, and you treat us like CRAP. You have a dedicated core fanbase, and you’re doing everything in your power to lose it. Advertising for features that you don’t include in the product is worthy of a law-suit, but most of all it’s a big middle finger to all your loyal fans. I’m looking for ANY developer out there willing to flesh out a decent fighting game with the same mechanics as SF. I just know that it’ll happen soon, and that you Capcom, you’ll have NO fan base to appeal to.

Good Job, didn’t need to ruin a perfectly good xbox.


And yet you did go out of your way to buy another copy and a ps3…

Well, you are rich enough to rage smash a console and immediately go out and throw down $300 for a different console and copy of the game.
So, yeah, you gots dat disposable income.

There could have been no co-op at all Mr. Rager.

not sure if serious, or a total idiot

More like spoiled. You can’t get everything you want. They already announced what happened and why. So before you break anything else, you should stop and think before you do something. I wouldn’t wanna play SFxT with you if you’re just gonna break shit.

He can afford a decent looking rug too, what a dick

This… Why on earth would you:

  1. break your xbox
  2. buy another copy of the game you broke your xbox over

Would it not be more reasonable to just boycott the game? Christ.

Toodles just exposed you.

Close this thread, post should belong in the ranting thread.

wow here’s an idea get some help, it seems you really need it.

Could some Microsoft employee explain to me how this helped you gain more revenue?

I’ll never buy a Microsoft product for as long as I live. It has been a piece of CRAP from day one. Do you really think I’ll MAKE all my friends get Xbox “GOLD” so we can play on your crappy network?

Capcom, other xbox games have online coop!!! Your explanations make no sense. YOU’RE LYING TO YOUR FANS!

well if you keep the ps3 long enough on that carpet you may have to buy one once again, so the game could get even more expensive

We have a ranting thread for a reason pent out all your troubles there.

So because CAPCOM screwed you over… you destroyed your 360 which had nothing to do with it? Huh.

I wish i could punch you in the face over the internet. If you dont like capcoms decisions then atleast dont buy the game again.

Microsoft made a piece of crap because Capcom neglected to put a feature in there?
Also, after feeling to hurt because of said features, you go and buy a second copy of the software and add to the sales?
Nice logic there champ.

Every time this fool comments on a thread from now on, I’ll lol in remembrance of this post.

What a crybaby.