I piss off Bleach fans

I often would search Youtube to see if a new episode of whatever anime was uploaded only to be disappointed by clicking on what I thought was a new episode but turned out to be something else this is a run-on sentence. So I had a random idea and ran with it.

I made this:

I live for hate.

If the latest episode is 134 then I name it 135, and so on and so on.

EDIT: Youtube deleted it and coming this September there’s going to be a purge on that site so I posted it on Dailymotion. And now alot of french ppl are pissed at me(I think).

ROFL. That was seriously hilarious. I can’t believe there’s already awards for the video, hahahaha.

That’s seriously a funny and clever idea. Good shit.

wtf, wow…I had the volume kinda loud so whenthose dudes came running in that room it scared the shit outa me.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Well, I usually don’t like these kinds of Poops (I was also not a fan of Bison running down a hall for 5 minutes) but I at least enjoyed the Spanish Inquisition and the 300 ending. Give us more real poops though. I still say that Militant Ambition is one of the best on the youtubs.

Highly repetetive poops are usually people’s least favorite. Keep in mind though that making people laugh is only a side effect, the main point of poop was originally to annoy and make ppl think you’re an idiot. I try to keep it balanced.

You should do this for naruto. Episode 22 1/2. I would do it but I don’t have time. I would repeat the same thing for five minutes though, its getting old.

Rioting Soul: Seems like that video got party v&.

I don’t repeat it for the whole five minutes. But about 5 minute repeat videos, they’re supposed to get old.



You’ve Been Violated!!

What should I do?

Post it again! :rofl:

Bumped for new info. I posted it on Dailymotion. Check original post.

I dont see how that violated the terms of service…nothing happened.

also, the bleach writers shouldnt be ripping off monty python sketches

He didn’t violate TOS I bet this happened.
Fat anime nerd is like “OH A NEW BLEACH EPISODE!”

Clicks on it.

Nerd goes “NOOOOO…what a dick! I mean it’s not even chronologically correct! That is the wrong intro! Oh man I was looking forward to this too! This ruined the joy of watching Bleach 136 for me!!!”

Times that by a hundred…all hitting the report button and it notifies Youtube.

Youtube sees the name of the titles and assumes it is the actual episode without looking at it.

Delete function engaged!*

Yep…I think this is how it went down.

BTW I do like some Anime and Bleach. You just know the ones who get all pissy about this is the super nerds who can’t take a joke on their beloved show and reported it.

The Internet Hate Machine is running strong :tup:

roflnuggetz this was hilarious lol

Hahaha you got half of your comments from nerdy french dipshits who are bashing you and the other half are defending you.

If you want I’ll give you something in french to tell em

Could you tell them: “Now that episode 136 is out, I have renamed this video to Bleach episode 137. I will continue to do this as more episodes are released.”