I plan to buy my first AC stick. Need Help

My situation is this: I have the xbox version of marvel and 3S. I plan on getting a 360 later, so I was thinking of buying an X-arcade stick with a USB and a xbox adapter.

Anybody got any better ideas?

An X-Arcade with a USB adapter will not work on a 360. It will also lag a lot on an XBox.

For the price of the X-Arcade with an extra adapter (maybe a little more) you can get a custom 360 stick. Or get a DOA stick and mod it.

Since you don’t have a 360 yet, I would wait for the Virtua Fighter stick that is coming out and hope it has a 6 button layout instead of being like the previous Virtua Fighter stick.

So any xbox reccomendations?

Bumping this. Still open to reccomendations.

DO NOT get an xarcade stick. Just don’t.

If your not getting a 360 anytime soon. Get an xbox stick and sell it once you get your 360. Then Get a 360 stick. Or swap out the PCB to a 360. There’s really no way you can get something that works for both xbox and 360

In any case DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT get an xarcade.



There’s only one arcade stick that’s xbox exclusive and I’m thinking of getting that (once I read more about the quality) or getting a t5 stick with an xbox converter.

Yay? Nay?

yaaaaaaaaaaay ps2 has the most converters
so i’d personally get a ps2 stick, BUT if you’re doing xbox live for 3s and want a headset port get a custom stick on the trading outlet, a custom xbox and xbox360 stick might be able to be done (toodles probably knows) but it’ll probably be expensive and time consuming