I play worse with an arcade stick

I’ve been playing fighting games for about a year now, and I’m definitely not going to say I’m good or anything. I could win a few games of Arcade Edition online, but I definitely wasn’t great. I figured it was time to try an arcade stick, so I picked up a TE at CeX for 60 quid and tried to use it, but I fared significantly worse than I did with the pad. I found it difficult to do HCFs and even QCFs, and I still haven’t managed to activate Oni’s Ultra 2 once. I’m completely unable to do anything with Rufus. I fare slightly better with Evil Ryu, Sakura and Oni but I’m still playing much worse than I did with the pad. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone switching from pad to stick, but it’s worrying me a little. What should I do to improve my game with the stick?

Practice the motions a lot. It’ll take about a month to get used to.

The way I learned stick was to stop playing sf4 for a while and go into HD remix/super turbo and just practice the motions there. It demands accuracy in ways sf4 doesn’t.

Also, don’t ride the gate.

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