I-pod avatar request

can anybody make me an i-pod avatar of rock howard doing a raising storm with the name I-storm
with a black background pretty plz

here’s a gif so that the illustrator doesn’t have to go looking for it…
Is this to your likings, Black_Comet?

yes that would do fine

No one is willing on taking up this challenge?


any chance you saved the file?

nope didn’t save the file

im just curious but, why do you guys still want Ipod requests? I dont think anyone wears them anymore. They were outdated long long ago… Just curious.

i___ avatars are like . . . extinct now. they’re just way too hard to make.

props to those i___ makers back in the day. they must have mad skills.

actually my friend told me to get one so I decided to ask but if they’re old than forget it :rofl:

yeah…ipod avs are way old.

Everyone’s wearing srk city or magazine covers these days.

Though I hear there’s this new thing called team light kick. Might be worth looking into.


Did this one for kicks. The dying breed!!