I promise ill make them. -request thread-


no animations.
sprites only.
supply the sprite.
ill do tags if you ask me. :wink:


Woa… It’s that guy… How the hell you been man?


good, just got back from FR


would u do stick art by any chance the thread for it is pretty bogged down so i feel bad by just adding to the in box. if not thats cool too.


I’d like to request a random av. Whatever you do, make it prem. =D


aight BW i got you.

ill do some stick art but it has to be simple.


Heres a stick request.

Template: http://www.mediafire.com/file/inf1zetnjtd/TiaTemp.psd



premium size.
i don’t care what you do with the mega man sprite, just what ever you want. :smiley:


levia, im only doing stick art for NY warrior.

Skongi i got you.


Thanks again Tetsu i really apprieciate it

The Dimensions of the art are 12.5 inches long by 7.5 inches high. The only things that i really need it to be is green lol. i have green buttons and balltop and its my favorite color.

the art itslef is more of a free expression thing for you. u can really do anything you’d like just using different charcters form things u can use all or one or any number of them. The characters are Slayer(guilty Gear) Noel(Blazblue) Spike(Cowboy Bebop) Alex or Makoto(3rdStrike). btw i really like the effect you did with ur AV if u want you can def try that because it pretty awesome.Also if you could inclued the quote “I Know when to be awesome” i no its super lame but its an inside joke:sweat:.

The Layout is http://slagcoin.com/joystick/layout/sega1_l.png just to see what it will look like with the buttons but i need hte final copy without the circles becuase the joystick is a bit farther away form the buttons

Thanks again i tried to help you out as much as i could and i hope it wasnt too specific or too vague if u feel like u cant do it just tell me i’m just happy u said u’d give it a shot :lol::wgrin:


i can do it. :tup:


Hey man, still sporting the AV you made me so long ago. Could you make me a new one prem sized? Same image - http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/172/ibukimkji5.gif

Go nuts, the only requirement is my username is on there somewhere. thanks!


hey hows it going man i got an av from you a while ago, you always have great work. could you do a simple stick request for me please? i have the template and the image i want on it. could you put them together for me please so i can bring it to kinkos? It would be greatly appreciated =)

http://hikesf.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/mac-dre.jpg this image

http://fs01n2.sendspace.com/dl/1c693f9152abd4507ba0e781ec1fc0db/49bc4a0a7508b8f9/znri2d/Template%20T5.psd this template.


Thanks again for taking on the job just PM or Post when ur done.


is it possible to get a non premium av with cammy on it? if thats okay with you


Check my request thread you idiot.


Lol rite Trogdor.




As a rule if you’ve asked for an avatar in another thread and the maker accepted don’t ask for another av from someone else.Once that av is done there is a 2 week period before you ask for another av.

Just keep it in mind for the future.



Make this picture futuristic looking and premie av sized plzkthx.


lolololololololololololol @ this thread so much