I pulled out my Sega Saturn

Damn, the controller is great for SFA2. I tried playing KOF 95 but I can’t remember how to get the cart to work to run the game, and then the rom cart. I realized I also have KOF 97, Samsho 3 and 4 plus the incredible Six man scramble (with six controllers). My oh my how the years go by.

Question is anyone know of a pad that’s comparable to the saturn one for PS2 or the DC?

sega have released the jap saturn pad for ps2.
play-asia has em.

Oh dude, that’s great. The loading times… some horrible pain. Also wanted to reiterate just how bad VF2 looks on there in case peope forgot. Blech.

I guess except for 6 man, what is there left that’s good? Guardian Heroes?

KOF 95 uses its own specific cart - the cart in question had specific information in it for the backgrounds, it should just be a case of plugging in the KOF 95 cart and 95 disc,

KOF96 used the 1MB cart (although you can use the 3rd party 4mb ones) and KOF 97 used either the 1mb or 4mb cart

Sam Sho 3, if I used the Capcom 4mb cart wih SamSho 3 the backgrounds would mess up so you had to use either the 1mb or a 3rd party 4mb cart that had the option to switch between 1mb or 4mb, Sam Sho 4 played fine it the Capcom 4mb one tho

Yeah that’s right. All the other games reqire either 1mb or 4mb of RAM, 95’s cart is a ROM cart. It’s got all the backgrounds and sound effects on the cart. All the graphics and processing is on the disc.

I remember I was in Gamestation and seen 95, so I bought it. When I opened it I realised there was no cart, so I thought fuck that and took it back.

Damn I love my Saturn. Still the best console for 2D fighting goodness IMHO. So many greats: KOF, SFZ/SFA, ST, Vampire Savior, Samsho, MSHvsSF, XvsSF, MSH, and not to mention the awesome Fighter’s Megamix.

The DC version of SFA3 looks like shite compared to the Saturn version.

Man, what a great console, not just for the fighting games, but the other offerings as well. Panzer Dragoon series, Guardian Heroes, Sega Rally, Dark Savior, Metal Slug, Powerslave, Thunderforce V, the list is endless. It’s a shame the US game selection sucked. The only way to truly appreciate a Saturn is to import the shit out of it. Damn, SOA were such dumbasses…

Lets not forget Radiant Silvergun :slight_smile:

Oh yes… I love my Saturn. Both my US and Japan console. Only thing is I can’t seem to get my expansion card to work in order to play XvSF. Anyone has had that happen? Mint disc (XvSF)w/mem exansion which is also new, all I get is the japanese screen with something mentioning the 4mb memory. Does anyone know what the hell is going on or how to possibly bypass this? Thanks.

Dude don’t even get me started on the greatness of the Saturn…shit I guess you already did. oh well.

All Capcom before and after 4meg, SNK 1 meg, Strikers 1945 II DodonPachi, Donpachi, Soukyogurentai Radiant Silvergun, Battle Garegga

All the Model 2 portz even the shitty ones like Virtual On, Daytona and House of the Dead, good ones like Virtua Cop 1, Sky Target, Virtua Cop 2, Manx TT, Sega Rally, Sega Touring, the Godly (at the time) Virtua Fighter 2, Dead or Alive 1, Fighting Vipers, Fighters Megamix, Last Bronx…

Nights, Astal, Princess Crown, Dragon Force, Panzer Dragoon 1, 2, and Saga, Shining Force III 1 2 3, Thunder Force V, Shining the Holy Ark, All Japan Pro f. Virtua Fighter 1 Virtua Fighter Remix

The tragedy of the Saturn I think is lack of any good Western games…at all. When the best game put out of the United States or Europe is Three Dirty Dwarves, there’s a problem. Oh and Tomb Raider.

Not to mention 75% of the Saturns best games were never brought over from Japan. I rest my case.

As ghetto as it sounds, try blowing in the cart and/or other stupid NES era tricks to get it to work. The Saturn has trouble reading carts sometimes, and I know from experience the aftermarket 4-in-one carts can fuck up the cartridge port.

Once you get the 4m working, just leave it in the (Japanese) machine. You can play whatever games with it in it won’t matter. So long as you don’t move the machine or accidentally breathe on the cart it’ll keep working.

I think I need a 4 mb catridge myself cause I get that error for mine and I don’t know if the cart I have is a 4mb one. It has the Sakura Wars character stricker and its white, anyone know how big that cart is? Thanks for any help.

Nocturnal: If the cart doesn’t look like this: http://www.shinforce.com/saturn/information/Cart-4MBRAM.gif , you might have a problem.

Is your machine American (or European), or Japanese?

It’s US but moded, though the cart came in another US Saturn that I bougt before I moded the other Saturn. So I guess I’ll have to get one of those then it seems, oh wells ebay is here for a reason ha. Thanks for the help.

We’ll see if that works, thanks.

For the DC (and I think ps2 as well) there was the ASCII pad controller, that is the ideal Capcom fighting gamepad.

It was incredible, and also had the rumble feature, but I believe they tend to break and not last very long. A friend and I each had our own ASCII pads, and our dpads eventually wore out and died. (plastic ‘+’ piece inside the controller broke) And neither of us had the playstyle of abusing the controls during gaming. (forcefully mashing buttons)

I know for my Saturn, I’ll have to insert the extra addon cart in a certain way in order for it to be recognized properly. By pressing the cart inwards, but not ‘all’ the way down. Just ‘almost’ all the way down. So that there is a slight amount of ‘down’ space that could be pressed down. If that makes any sense.

Here’s a nice multipage article on the Saturn, everything that happened up to its death. sigh Bernie Stolar was such a bastard…

My X-Men vs. Street Fighter works with my 4M cartridge. My cartridge says “ULTRA MADNESS 4M TURBO KEY”.

That is the cart I use as well for my American machine. However, it screws up the cartridge port because the after market carts are cut a certain way … if you compare the bottoms of the official vs. the aftermarket you’ll see what I mean.

But yeah, as someone mentioned “positioning” the cart a certain way, yeah, like I said you have to resort to ghetto NES tactics to get it to work sometimes.

Are you serious? I’ve had that cart since 2000. I guess that also explains why I can’t transfer save data to that cartridge. When I first got the cartridge I saw a shitload of saved games on there from the previous owner, and even when I reformatted it, my Saturn still only recognized its Internal Memory.

Can someone tell me what size battery goes in the back of the Saturn?

You don’t even need to go through all of that. All you really need is a suitable Gameshark for the Saturn. They hold more space than any Saturn ram memory cart I can think of off the top of my head. I fact, they place Saturn imports as well (considering you know the input trick). I’m not sure if they work on games which required the 4-Meg Ram cart, but they DO play imports. That’s a given. Saturn Gameshark works as a memory card, cheats inputs, & converted.