I read somewhere on this subforum

I’m not sure if it was Stark or someone else but basically what he does with Ammy is to Super Jump->Air Dash UF->Head Charge L then hit S (glaive) or H (disc) on the way down. This is buried in one of the stickied threads here somewhere.

I read this a long time ago and I was like “well that’s lame you really won’t be opening up people with that, I’ll just go with my own openers”

But then lately after figuring out that I needed to play much much more defensively with some matchups lately, I tried out this suggestion


It doesn’t make sense! It’s like people forget how to block or something, but I almost always catch people here! It’s also pretty safe since you’re too high up, and due to the multiple dashes, Vajra will usually just miss. Blocking Hidden missiles don’t make a difference since you’d want to be descending down later anyway.

Holding back while waiting to hit the H also allows you to quickly Breakaway TK’d throws, using the disc’s H means that your vertical range is amazing and you can also hit things behind you…

…but I still can’t quite get it, guys! WHY DOES IT WORK? WHY DOES THIS OPEN PEOPLE UP?! You just fall straight down and thus the opponent can perfectly anticipate your positioning… so why…? Why…?!

It feels so dull to use this, but if it works then it works… what the crap I’m still filled with awe…

Probably because they don’t understand blocking and don’t know what to do about a predictable trajectory, but they DO really like pressing buttons

I’m fairly certain it wasn’t me that posted that, I’m much more a fan of actually ambiguous angles of approach and I’m never in reflector when making my approach

^ That.

People seem to like pressing buttons when you’re on the way down, whether it’s for a cross-under (and they cross themselves up or throw a bad normal) or they just really like pressing buttons.

There’s a lack of respect for Ammy nowadays so you’re liable to get away with a lot.

It’s weird because I was using these against good players! And by that I mean they body me free, usually getting a 15 win streak against me. It all reversed when I started using that, it’s insane.

Of course that’s not the only thing I use, but adding it to my list of approaches just made my gameplay humongous better for some reason.