I realised something about sticks

Hello guys,

for Christmas I’m thinking about purchasing my first arcade fightstick. However I’ve heard about the hitbox lately so I went on their web page to check out the thing. After reading, I tried to reproduce the hitbox sensation with my keyboard, just to imagine how it could be, and this is what I figured :

It would be better for “right-handed-and-really-not-ambidextruous” people like me to have the directions input buttons, wether on a classic fightstick or on the hitbox, on the right. That may seem totally dumb or totally obvious, but this is what I figured, in most fighting games, direction inputs require way more dexterity than the attacks themselves, and for people like me that are completely not able with their left hand, it is really challenging to adapt my left hand to making very fast and precise movements.

I would say that actual classic fightstick are for left handed people. What do you think about this ?

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It’s like saying the dpad/analog stick should be on the right.

It might make a tiny bit of sense, but I trust that companies like Nintendo put in research to show otherwise.
Or maybe it doesn’t matter as much as you think.

no, you have more control of your fingers on your dominant hand so thats why the right hand hits the one the needs continual button presses.

by that logic right-handed guitars (the ones you fret with your left hand) are actually left-handed guitars since fretting requires more manual dexterity than strumming.

think of it this way, joysticks are designed to use the macro-movements of your whole arm while buttons require micro-movements of your wrist and fingers. You’re right that your dominant hand is better with micro-movements. If you could imagine for a moment that you could bolt your arm to the joystick where your hand would usually be you’d still be able to actuate the joystick with the same efficiency as with your hand. Essentially, your hand is simply a very intricately over-designed bolt to the joystick. Try this for an example: lay your hands out at your desk and pretend you’re at an arcade stick, watch your hands and arms carefully when you’re pressing the buttons and moving the stick. I guarantee your stick hand remains motionless while your arm does all the movements, and your button arm remains motionless while your fingers do all the movement.

For what it’s worth I think your logic applies when talking about hitpads, where every function requires the use of a finger it would make sense to me to see left-handed vs right-handed layouts.

I’ve been playing games since I was little where the movement was dominated by the left hand and everything else the right. In fact, I’ve never played a game where it’s different. Even in computer FPS’s, people have adapted to using WASD rather than the arrow keys for movement because of this. I think once the first console came out with the D-Pad on the left, it was set in stone that it was going to be on the left for eternity.

But if you think you’ll like it more on the right, by all means make a hitbox that suits your needs. Hitboxes are just as fun to make as a regular stick.

If you are starting out it doesn’t matter. The human brain will adapt to whatever you choose. Also button pressing technique is the same difficulty as directional inputs, I really depends on what and who you play.

What you say is very interesting AcidLacedPenguin, and i made the mistake to merge fightstick and the hitbox in the same category but actually you re certainly right, so for the fightstick it might be good as it is, but as Bunchies says, when the first controller/fightpad was ever created it was set with the directional cross on and I think noone ever tried to think outside the box, maybe because it was very suitable, but still it would be interesting to check out what an inverted pad/fightstick/hitbox would feel like.

Yes this.

Handedness is to some degree a learned behavior. When you learn a new skill like playing a guitar or using an arcade stick, it will be awkward as fuck no matter which “hand” you use.

im a right handed guy and the default layout is perfect. you need your dominant hand doing the button presses(i cant imagine double tapping or doing jabxxhands with my left hand) and as you get better, the motion inputs are actually the easy part.