I Realized Something. (Question)


So im completely new to SF games and I have came from tekken. I have some friends from teh community but not alot. I realized most of the community is about 18 or older. Its weird because Im only 15 so when I talk to other people its kind of awkward for me. So how old is everyone here and If you want to talk feel free to add my gamertag.

I might be the youngest player on SFxT .

My gamertag: Sleazyness

Soo yeah…


I started playing around 16, so it’s honestly no big deal, unless you act like a jackass, then you’ll get the stigma as “the kid who doesn’t know when to shut up”.


Haha yeah I dont talk 24/7


It’s not about the age, really. It’s more about maturity and being nice to others. :smiley:


Thats me. Anyone want to add me feel free. I need more X playerrs on my list.


27 here. I’ll add you. I need more X players as well. My GT is Tarkanian




on your profile it says you’re 22.

I’m 29 but i started when i was 7. Yeah it’s really not about age but understand that you will run into tons of people that act like little kids online. How far are you from Cali btw?

Also will08 how far are you from cali btw?


32 myself. And pretty much this:

Yes indeedy. :slight_smile:


Adrian Peterson’s jersey number.


31, come at me.


Dem old men reactions. Is the melanin still in check, you 30 somethings? Haha.


I’m not sure what’s going on here.


Old men are the best.


…why does that sound so messed up? O___O


Because Enlightenment, is still Far away…

Stupid Dalsim


Erm 19, though I am not on xbox.

Welcome to the world of Street Fighter! xTekken


Boy, I’ma beat some respect for your elders into you next time I see you online. And pull your damn trousers up.

p.s Daigo is 31


Of course you will, neon Gief awaits. I don’t wear trousers, they’re named jeans or track suit bottoms. NIKE 4 LIFE. YOLO.


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