I really dislike vegans


I would like a serious reason to go Vegan and not some hypocritical bullshit. I see more and more people going vegan every day and those same dipshits talk about saving animals and saving the planet yet wear rubber shoes, smoke, and drive cars that pollute the air. I think if we killed off all the vegans/vegetarians we might be able to get rid of a billion maybe two billion people and help the planet which is what they want anyways, right?


calling people hypocrites because they don’t do absolutely every possible thing to support whatever cause they care about is spurious reasoning. we’d all be hypocrites in that case. as long as they aren’t acting sanctimonious i dont see why you should care.


While true, I tend to see a lot of people who become vegans are doing it to be a part of a trend, and not necessarily because they truly believe in it. That in itself creates a problem. Then you have the extremists, whom like anything make it known as to why their way is better etc. I really just don’t understand it and I’ve been trying to discuss this in person but nobody has given me a real answer that doesn’t have it’s own hypocrisy involved. I know nice vegans or normal whatever you want to label or call them. It’s just seemingly hard to get a definitive answer.


There is no serious reason to go vegan.

Eat less meat and dairy, sure. Straight up, vegan? Punch them in the dick.


The way you live is wrong.

The way I live is right.


only some are hypocrites. The rest are just ignorant.


don’t care if anyone is Vegan for whatever reason, just don’t come up to me and say what I eat is wrong and your way is better.


no one can live in a way that completely avoids the systems that damage people, animals, and the planet around them. they can only choose what’s important to them and try to minimize the damage in those areas.

become a vegan if you don’t want to hurt animals. don’t drive if you don’t want to hurt the environment. choose whatever is important to you and that you’re willing to sacrifice for. that’s a lot better than setting a weird arbitrary goalpost and complaining when others don’t clear it. if you don’t want to do those things, then ignore the people who do. they aren’t hurting you and they don’t need to justify themselves to you.


Veganisism is just some arbitrary shit like religion, it is meant to complicate life for no reason.


Funny how some of the complaints in this thread is about vegans telling them what they eat is wrong. So, what are you doing in turn? Telling vegans what they eat is wrong. Pot calling kettle black.

The logic and reasoning I see people put into their hates and prejudices is truly sad.


Vegans, stereotypically, are way too smug and force their way of life down other peoples’ throats.

I’ve met some people that are just like, “Pass on that, I’m vegan,” and that’s fine. But when I run into vegans that roll their eyes, or sigh whenever I eat meat, or have to tell me how I’m killing something (acting blatantly oblivious to the fact that plants are also living things), I want to tie them down and shove my burger down their throats.


To be fair, I don’t think what they eat is wrong. But biologically they’re not helping themselves. I am all for us eating less meat, including myself. I should only eat about 30% meat. It’s more at 50% of my diet. What I don’t understand is how you can try and cheat nature. I’m not saying nature always provides what’s best, but we don’t really have any reason to believe otherwise.


That’s pretty dumb though, obviously there are people for every kind of group you can find who are smug and stereotypical, but to judge everyone based on that is obvious fallacy.

Look, I don’t go around telling people what to eat. If they ask me why, I tell them, and I hate when people try to argue with my decision. It’s not their decision, it’s my decision, leave me to it. It’s highly frustrating to have a bunch of meat eaters (or whatever other majority group, such as Christians vs atheists) demand you tell them why you made a choice life and then argue why you’re wrong. Then complain they hate when vegans (or atheists, as another example) supposedly shove their views down their throats.

Realistically, I’ve seen far, far more people get on vegan’s cases than I’ve ever seen vegan’s get on non-vegan’s cases. In most cases we leave you all alone. We don’t generally join facebook groups dedicated to eating meat to post why being vegan is the right thing to do, but I see constantly non-vegans join vegan groups to talk about how great burgers are.

Of course, this is all anecdotal, but statistically there are a lot more of non-vegans than vegan. As with the case of most majority vs minority view points, you’ll often see more of the majority, even over the vocal minority.


Biologically we aren’t wrong or doing our bodies any harm or “not helping themselves” as you put it. The only thing a vegan diet can lack is vitamin b12, which doesn’t come from meat but is a product of bacteria. That’s the one main argument against vegan diets that has any kind of scientific backing. Meat carries bacteria easier which is why it’s easier to get that particular vitamin from meat, but it’s not actually the meat itself.

We aren’t cheating nature. In fact, I’d counter argument, that they way we eat meat is cheating nature especially in the manner we tend to access it. In nature, creatures who eat meat have fangs and claws. We have neither. We don’t get a rush from killing animals and we certainly don’t eat raw, bloody meat ripped from the carcass of a kill we just made. Instead, we grow meat on farms and then have a butcher cut it so we can cook it. There is absolutely nothing natural about that.


Well, I wasn’t looking for a debate, I was just saying that I don’t really like vegans as a whole. It’s not prejudice if the majority have been idiots. I even said that not all were annoying people. The whole majority vs minority thing is really stupid in this case. You’re not being oppressed for how you live your life, you’re being asked a question you can’t really answer logically.


I’m not looking for a debate either and I’m really tired of it, especially online since no one ever walks away happy and it ends up a waste of time.

How is the majority vs minority thing stupid? Have you ever experienced being an extreme minority and seen how a majority treats you because you don’t see things the same way as they do? If you haven’t then I don’t expect you to understand why that isn’t stupid, especially since your very first post was you making a claim you dislike vegans. Yeah that helps a lot man and opens up a lot of discussion. Rather, to me at least, it seems like something easy for you to get a bandwagon going for you to help justify your reason for why you’re right and they’re wrong. How hard is it to do that when you belong to a majority rules?

Also, perhaps you simply don’t care for the answers given to you. It’s not our faults the answer isn’t good enough for you. This reminds me of Christians not accepting evolution as fact because it doesn’t answer everything, it’s only a theory as they put it.

What do you want from us? Don’t bother answering because if you aren’t open to discussion as you have clearly demonstrated you are not up for “debate” when you make unfounded claims then this is simply a waste of time.


Christ another Vegan thread. I fucking hate you OP.

  1. Humans have an omnivorous set of teeth, and that’s because we are naturally supposed to be omnivores.


  1. We never needed large sharp fangs or claws to kill, that’s why tens of thousands of years ago we were tying rocks to sticks and jabbing them into animals so we could eat them, and later making rudimentary traps and organizing ambushes on herds. We had/have intelligence and ingenuity. Also, other apes such as chimpanzees lack large fangs and claws and hunt for meat just fine without them:

  2. Are other animals unnatural too because they use tools and/or traps to kill what they want? Other apes, monkeys, dolphins, orcas, and other animals do these things, very crudely, but it isn’t regarded as unnatural. If their brains were a bit more advanced, I wouldn’t doubt they’d have some crazier and more complex shit put together to make eating and surviving in general a bit easier for themselves.


Do I know what it’s like to be in the minority? Yep, I do. However you’re not being oppressed for your views. I am simply asking a question hoping that someone can give me an answer to actually give me something to think about. I like to think, I troll 90% of the time but I do like it when posed with an answer or a question that requires me to think deeper. I wasn’t trying to bandwagon, it was more of a tongue and cheek introduction to spark discussion.

You’re going into a completely different argument. Christianity is easy to believe in. Science disproves itself every damn day. We base the majority of our logic within it upon theories and quite honestly people can’t differentiate between theory and law. So if we can’t comprehend something maybe there is a being out there that can. It’s not too difficult to see why people would believe in God or a supernatural being. Let’s not get too far from the subject though.

Whether it’s a debate or not I just want your answers. I want to think about it. You’re shying away from the discussion entirely.


Because tools and rocks are naturally built into our bodies to rip flesh apart with. Dude, its NOT the same. Regardless this part of the discussion would never have come up if the OP didn’t make a suggestion that vegans cheat nature. I gave a counter argument that we lack all the natural, built into our body tools that all carnivores who hunt and naturally access meat do. There are a number of ways to break down your argument that has been done before. I don’t really care to go into it further.

There are probably thousands of reasons you could google for to “think deeply” about. I am willing to be none of them will satisfy you because you’re already on the opposite train of thought. It’s obvious by how you opened the thread and how you took it off topic into why you think vegans are wrong, which in your opinion it isn’t natural.

I’m actually not going into a different argument and if you followed the logic you’d realize that just how evolution isn’t a good enough answer for Christians who are already stuck in their ways and closed minded on the topic that such is your thought process that no answer a vegan could come up with will be good enough for you. It had nothing to do with religion vs science other than that they don’t agree, and that was that. Just like how your view of eating meat is natural vs the vegan view that it isn’t. They don’t agree, and you’re not going to win any vegans and vegans aren’t going to win you.

I really don’t think you want to think about it, I think you merely want to congratulate yourself and pat yourself on the back for not having an answer good enough to continue on that they’re wrong and you’re right. If you really wanted an open discussion you’d not have opened the thread with disdain for what you’re supposedly trying to think about or understand. You don’t get it, and you probably won’t ever will. Just google and be done, and pat yourself on the back for being like everyone else.