I really don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong and it frustrates me

So I would say that I lose a large majority of games, I accept this: all new players do. However what separates me from the pack is that I have absolutely zero idea what I can improve on and as a result I feel like a headless chicken running around a farm. I watch my replays but I don’t know what to look for at all. I would upload them for people to see but I play on PC and i’m not paying a ridiculous amount of money for capture software and I don’t know how to * legitimately and legally * download recording software. I main Karin if it helps, I doubt it will. I feel like I suck at consistently doing the combos I know I can do. Another huge issue I have is getting nervous in games and messing up inputs under pressure, and if I start to lose I start to go back to old habits (jumping too much, randomly throwing out moves etc.). Any help at all would be a huge deal

-You can point a cam/cellphone and just record the PC/monitor. Hella poverty but if you really want someone to scrutinize your stuff, why not. :3

-Feel free to visit the Karin subforum if you want to ask sepcific questions, the people there are nice enough. http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/karin-sfv

-We have a Karin Facebook group too if you have an account https://mbasic.facebook.com/groups/331114777091290?_rdr

These might help:

sports but ultimately applies to fighters too - https://www.competitivedge.com/staying-cool-and-calm-clutch

You say you’ve no idea how to get better but towards the end of your post you’re already aware of the things you do wrong. That’s a step in the right direction. To improve, play with some goals in might, to improve on/work on what you listed as mistakes and bad habits. Set some goals, and if you feel you’ve met them, set some more.

I REALLY don’t want my friends and family to find out that I’m in a group dedicated to a video game schoolgirl, is there a way I can make it so nobody sees me join?

It’s a closed group and is labeled as gaming/for leveling up in SF5. I think you’ll be fine. aint no cartoon tits there :3 :shy:

I don’t know if that makes me sad or happy, I love anime tiddies as much as the next guy but I don’t want my mom to know that.


If FB is too much of a hassle, the SRK subforum is fine for now.

Hitting up YouTube works wonders too. Look for notable players who use Karin, grab some matchvids, ask questions and soak up the knowledge. Lots of tips/tut vids too.

If you’re talking about SFV, all completed games have replays available for like a week. Check your history in your profile.

You could just post the replay ID how Trouble Brewing suggested.

Don’t worry, she’s an adult.

Oh shit how do I post them?

check the history in your profile

write down the replay ID

post the replay ID here

I’m just going to put down a lot of them because IDK how many I should put down


I’m the Karin in all of these except the last 3 where I played Ryu, since aparently all noobs should play Ryu and my mistakes might be a little more easy to spot. I just wrote down a bunch of them since I didn’t know how many to put, big thanks to anybody and everybody who can watch them without cringing

Also another game that I thought was kinda nifty

i’ll be a grandpa by the time somebody looks at these

Was seeing your replay of Karin vs Ken, he really got you on that second round

from what I could see you dropped a lot of oportunies to punish heavily and setup after his wake up, also you were being really unsafe with your strong pokes and could have frame trapped him much better with your crouching medium. Also don’t bait with Mujinjyaku strong, it’s really unsafe. Dunno, felt like you pressed a lot less buttons than a normal karin does, not a particulary bad thing

not a karin player btw

Watching this

This is Chun-Li vs Ryu.

As the game goes on, you will be punished hard for missed shoryukens. There’s this nifty little thing in SF5 called Crush Counter combos, and it hurts. :frowning: Pls don’t do shoryukens from half screen/when the other player is nowhere near.

It’s good you have a few shoryuken combos. Try and make use of his other specials too (and how they are in combos). Don’t hadoken from too close, many characters have moves that will blow through. Make use of your other normals and pokes not just c. mk and s. hk/c. hk

Fortunately for you, the Chun was more ass :lol: no fireballs, no combos, jumping everywhere, randomly throwing out stuff, and trying too much to do stuff off light kicks which doesn’t really work since its not SF4 anymore.

and these

Karin vs Cammy

See what the guy above said about your Karin. Def work on not just throwing out moves, avoid or minimize unsafe moves, and don’t leave hanging and do some combos. The Cammy had semi consistent combos and a sort of working gameplan, you didn’t or weren’t able to implement yours. Jumping around too much gets you antiaired.

Karin vs Zangief

Respect his f+hp (the charged punch thing), it’s armored. Learn his ranges basically. Try and keep your distance while frustrating him with pokes. You got hit by his command grabs (and worse, Super) every time. He got a few sweeps in too and I feel you were just taking em. Learn about blocking high and blocking low.

Offer for you to check out the Karin SRK subforum and the Karin FB group still stands :whistle:

What’s your video card? If you have a recent nVidia or AMD card with up-to-date drivers, you don’t need to buy/download recording software, because the software included with your drivers (GeForce Experience or AMD Gaming Evolved) can do recording for you.

Doubt it, Gtx 660 is a really old card