I really just need help getting and finding a stick


i had a limited edition blazblue te stick that i loved but someone broke it and i just really need a new one. ive tried buying from over 3 different buyers on ebay and amazon and they have ALL FAILED TO SEND or something magical is happening at the post office everysingle time.

either way i just need help. where the hell is everyone buying there te’s and not a all black te that says madcats. is there no shop that sells cool custom designs???even a picture of chunli on the front would be ok i just dont want an all one color lame stick, but i cant find artzy sticks for sale anywhere from a legit seller that offers selection and legit retail level service.


Tons is sellers on this site. Why not fix your stick? What’s broken?


usb port i tried cutting and soldering wires when new port and i it just still dosent work maybe when i get more money il have someone look at it, but i am more interested in trying a new stick at this point just to mix it up and see if i like something else more


Start with your box, replace the PCB add USB passthrough replace springs (with better springs since the stock JLF spring sucks). Your switches are probably all fine. A new stock will just be a different shapes box, the internal parts will most likely be the same since most commercial sticks use the same parts. Unless you’re hell bent on unnecessarily spending money, a brand new sick is unnecessary. A USB passthrough is ~$8. A PS3/PC PCB starts at $20 shipped, a spring is ~$4 you could have your stick like new again. If you’re on XBOX360 is a little more since there isn’t a cheap PCB for that. If your dad set on a new stick, there are better out there. Jasenscustoms has the awesome Panzer Tank Stick, normal and wide. You could get one of his panels and have a surround made, Foehammer, Tekinnovations, etc, that are all awesome and more custom, which it sounds like you want.