I really need help for the XBCD drive to work for my Madcatz TE stick


I’m currently using windows xp,and the default drive i had for TE doesn’t recognize the LS and RS,but just the DP.

So i follow the instruction on http://www.redcl0ud.com/xbcd.html the troubleshooting section

i fixed the inf file,i add the line:
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%=Install,USB\VID_0738&PID_B738; Madcatz Arcade Fightstick Tournament edition.

which the pid and the vid is for TE

but the problem is,how do i uninstall the previous default drive? as i remove the drive from the Device Manager Window under USB section,and then i replug the stick,but the default drive cames back,how could i make it recognize the XBCD drive?

and by the way i try the update drive option under Device Manager,but i can’t find the Redcl0ud tab under the company list.(which i could do for the standard 360 controller but not for TE)