I really need help with kof


I’m pretty bad at it because i don’t have a feel for the flow of it like I do sf. I don’t know what normals to use really or the matchups, or even what specials to use at certain times. I’d like someone to help me here and perhaps train me on ggpo.

I typically play 98 and 2002.
In 98 I play as Iori and orochi chris. dunno about a third. I like kyo/saisyu and the military girl character. cant remember the name atm.

in 2002 I use irori/k’, kim/yuri, and orochi chris/chris

I need help with the basics. what to use for jump ins, what to counter x poke with, what to anti air with, what to poke with, how often to jump etc

I’ve seen the dandy j vids. Don’t have the kof games for console that I play online though. I can practice movement in 99/11, which is what I have.


Do you play using GGPO? If you do, then you can make a ghetto training mode by using the emulator included with GGPO. Just load up the game using the emulator client and have a local player 2 join the game. You can then use save states to test things out.
You can also check out http://dreamcancel.com/ for more kof info.



The military girl is Leona Heidern. Yes she is a fucking beast, happy you like her playstyle. =) Her adoptive father named Heidern is even sicker too, he is in 98.

Anyways Now =), Go to dreamcancel as shown, and orochinagi.com we have people that can help you out on this website. But the people on the sites we just posted can help you out furthermore IMO. But dreamcancel is a little more active IMO.

To get you a little started with some details and property’s of you Favortie Characters from KOF 2k2UM Character Topics On Orochinagi.com even though its UM Just pick a character from the list for now, they break down a few of the character moves sets pretty ok, so you can understand them a little better.

We have people like KrazyKone trying to get together more KOF wiki sites for information.

But try this SRK Wiki for King of Fighters 2002 for now. They break down shorthops, advanced techniques, the canceling system & etc. But yea dont hesitate to try out those other sites for info. They will gradually help you alot.


Kof games rule, anyone tells you else there dead wrong


Thanks for reminding me about her name. I know about her dad I’ve played almost every KOF but 12, 13 and the MIA series lol. I wanna try that one- it looks like a great adaptation of 2d to 3d if not INSANELY silly.

I like how it’s spacing, but with tons of fighting. The aggressor gets huge props from the game system.

I play the series “shotos” (Orochi Dragon/Kusanagi Blade Clan/K’, and Yuri) because they are easy to play as. also i think k is the bomb. other than that king rules. even if she is low tier, just needs to be played like a modified sagat- throw lots of fireballs for your strategy and use it to whoop on people when you have them where you want them. Yuri is secretly a schoolgirl Akuma. She scares me when used right o_O. Also Orochi Chris F.T.W.!

If any of you wanna help me online with 2k or 98 that would be great. then i can get to the more complicated ones like 2000 etc. would love to play/get trained by dandy j. he helped my friend curtis (arcane) out. you know the homo genius episode where a blue ken just dashes up and shinryukens another ken? that would be curtis doing the pro sa2 ken :D.

Oh and uh its hard to find help in English too, so that’s another reason I’m asking here. So many Spanish speaking jerks on there. Not saying that hispanolhablantes are jerks… I’m saying there are a lot that ARE jerks on GGPO.