I really need Help

I’m fairly new to street fighter and I still just don’t understand alot of things. I really dont know where to begin. I try to train in training mode and learn combos, but I don’t know exactly what I need to practice.

After hopping around with characters, I decided to use Yun. I play online more than I should since I’m a noob, but I do it to find out what i need to work on. At this point I’m at a loss. I try watching ranked match videos, tournaments, tutorials, all of it. I just don’t know how to improve and it’s frustrating.

I just need help understanding the entire concept of the game. My veteran fighter is Blazblue and I know street fighter is played much different.

I don’t know what more I should know except the following, but I hope I can get some help from the people here in this forum:

  1. How to do blockstrings properly
  • I just can’t figure out how it’s done without getting counter-hit by the opponents c.lp c.ml or whatever they throw out. I don’t mash because i don’t like the concept and I know it doesn’t particularly work. I know what cancels are, links, and chains (though i kinda get the difference between links and chains mixed up). I just dont know how to do it.
  1. Blocking/evading jumping mixups and predicting/gimping thorws
  • maybe playing online has an effect on how well i can do either of these, but i get slammed frequently by both. I know blocking forward blocks the jump ins, but i still get hit most of the time. and i find when i try to grab people, i get gimped by their c.lp/lk. when i try to gimp their grabs, it doesnt work. As far as the jump in goes, I try blocking, fadc, jumping, all of it. I just cant get out of those stupid block strings where the opponent’s like c.lp>c.lp>c.lp>j.mk>repeat. I just don’t know my options.
  1. Finding and reading frame data correctly.
  • I often wonder how people like biffoftasty and other playing find out how to do so many combos so well in such a short period of time and I can only narrow it down to learning and utilizing frame data. I kinda know how to read them but I dont know how to utilize it into my gameplay

any other info to improve my gameplay that I’m unaware of is very welcomed.

  1. This game has really strict timing on lots of combos/blockstrings. If you know what you’re combos/blockstrings you’re supposed to be doing, you could try to go in training mode with dummy cpu mashing something and work on it.

  2. Well for jump-ins, you have to worry about blocking in both directions. First start by getting used to just blocking high normally :stuck_out_tongue: You will have to recognize cross-ups, but it can be hard for people at the start to just properly block normal jumps when people are jumping around seemingly randomly. Online does hurt your chances at teching throws, no question. Regular throws come out in 3 frames, and that’s the fastest you’re going to have with normals too. So if you’re being hit out of a throw attempt (where you’re in range), they attacked before you did.

  3. Don’t worry about them, lol. Get some practice, try to learn some things and try to continually integrate things in your game while getting experience playing people.

eh, ill try to help as best i can.

anything bold is something you should look into on your own. SRK has a ton of faqs and even a wiki so the information is available to you.

  • any button presses you do to your opponent while they’re blocking is a block string. how tight those strings are is another matter. you can press whatever buttons you like but if there are gaps in your string you can get mashed out (unfortunately) by a lot fast activating specials. if your opponent is simply mashing out normals and beating you out of your block strings, i can only assume your strings are very very loose. each character has their own bnbs and ideal strings so i suggest you figure out yun’s. block stun and hit stun are two things you should look up. this also leads the way to frame traps and counter-hit (CH) set ups.
  • the online environment has a big hand in your problem here. as a bison (and ex-vega) player, i dont have many good answers to someone who does that jump>string>crossup lather, rinse, repeat bs on me. i can get out of it easily by reacting with a neutral jump attack, focus dash back, or maybe even ducking and lowering my hitbox when im offline, but reacting to it online is a very difficult task. figure out what options your character has by visiting the character sub forum. i know yun has a dp so you could try using that.

stopping jump ins from a distance using normals online is also harder than it should be. often instead of beating people clean i trade or lose clean instead. flips the whole match upside down. since you’re yun however i would think your dp should handle the situation just fine. it’s 5 frames iirc (3 for ex) so it’s a very good move. even if you miss you end up on the other side of the screen :lol:

people are stopping your throws because you’re either being predictable or they’re crouch teching a lot. if you think they’re crouch teching then there are strings and set ups to blow them out of the water and punish their spam. you’re getting thrown because you’re not reacting fast enough, not crouch teching, or they’re blowing your crouch techs up.

i think the only AE frame data that is out right now is on the wiki, but so far that hasn’t been proven very reliable. here’s a quick rundown of how frame data works (copy and pasted from the site i just linked you to):

Execution: The number of frames it takes from the moment the attack command is input to the earliest possible moment it connects with an opponent.
Active: The number of frames an attack can hit an opponent after it has been executed.
Recovery: The number of frames it takes for the character to recover from an attack before another command can be input.
Block Advantage: When an attack is blocked, this is the amount of frame advantage gained.
Hit Advantage: When an attack connects, this is the amount of frame advantage gained.

Here’s an example using some data for bison’s short normals:

bison’s c.short (Crouching LK):
3 2 8 1 4

if i want to link two c.shorts, i have to time the presses within a two frame tolerance. the hit stun of c.short is 4 frames, and the* execution* is 3 frames. anything more will allow my opponent to recover and begin blocking, or if he’s mashing he’ll reversal me if i wasn’t baiting it out. if i wanted here’s

bison’s s.short (Standing LK):

4 2 6 3 6

if i wanted to link c.short with s.short, i’d have a one frame tolerance. the hit stun on c.short is 4 frames, and the execution of the s.short is 4 frames.

to make one frame links easier, you should also look into plinking or p-linking.

hoped my wall helped :slight_smile:

EDIT and since i just realized yun isn’t even in Super, the frame data page i linked you to is completely useless. here’s the character page from the SRK wiki: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Super_Street_Fighter_IV_AE/Yun

I hate Yun, no cross up, that’s worse than no anti crouch. His pokes are easy to use to break through focus. Also doesn’t matter if you know the proper way to play, doesn’t mean you are skilled at all, it just comes with playing many different players and sticking to a mind games type play style.

Nah, your not getting my point, I don’t really give a shit about anything besides mix ups. Not having a cross up is a crime. Of course some of his moves are good.

In a way I made a character without anti crouch passable by being great with spacing using jumping heavy and light kicks as mediums and besides pokes it also helps with a good priority move to mix in. Overall it’s more about the walking speed and short air time that helps mix ups even more. Not that I care much but for what is given in SF4 I’d prefer.

Which kinda leads to why I hate the back block, it forces you to stand still instead of taking a step back to be out of range and attack. It also makes grabbing easier if the person blocks and if they don’t block you have two players trying to land a hit, and if they try defense they can still be risky by trying to counter the other person. Block buttons also stops a person from mashing attacks at the same time. Instead of command grabs there should be standing and crouching grabs but easy to tech also. That aside doesn’t matter but that’s mind games.

sir, i dont think you know yun. s.strong and c.strong are your best friends when you play yun. that that button is ridiculous.

s.strong OS shoulder is godlike during footsies and c.strong hit confirms are equally godlike

You might be playing the wrong game if you think the only mix-up is an ambiguous cross-up.

ShadowOS that was extremely helpful.

My block-strings are very loose and i’d like to find out how to make them tighter. And I need to learn about frame traps.

Getting my throws teched wasn’t my mystery. Getting c.lp out of them was. I guess I just do it too late.

Jump-ins aren’t a mystery to me. The Cross-up jump ins are. Thanks for explaining that it’s difficult in general blocking them online. With that said, DP-ing the jumping crossups typically whiff, but I guess it helps getting me out of pressure (unless i get punished)

How can I apply frame data into my training and/or research?

@HBBQ Yun does have a jump cross-up, but it’s much harder than the typical j/mk everyone has. Doing his L drop kick can hit behind people but it’s hard to combo off of if not timed properly.

I just basically need to learn how to change my gameplay from thoughtless poking and target comboing and get good. Anyone that wants to add me and play me for practice or something feel free to add me. gamertag: BenignPacifist

add me

we can play some casuals

Sorry. I forgot to mention I’m on xbl. Don’t have a ps3

im on xbl