I really need some help


On Street Fighter 4 I went from 1500 pp to 900. I feel like shit and may cry and seeking some words of encourgement. Im using Abel and Im losing to nothing but Ryu’s and Kens and I fear my PS3 may be ripped apart in a few seconds from now.


There is only one solution: Seppuku


Yeah man you really fucked up.

There’s no way around it, you fucked up

You made the worst mistake you can ever make, I cannot stress this enough–you done wrong.

But you’re not beyond saving!

Yes the mistake I’m talking about is you care about pp.

**Just stop, stop caring about bullshit fucking points, you think they had points in the arcade? You think you could remember your win loss in the arcade?

You’re focusing on your losses negatively, you need to focus on them positively. Why is ryu/ken beating you? Are you throwing out garbage meaties and getting dp’d all day? Start baiting and punishing the dps and this will go away. Focus on playing better so you don’t lose to dumb shit. If you’re not losing to dumb shit, focus on improving your fundamentals where you’re getting beat.**

Take a breath, calm the fuck down and stop giving a shit about penispoints. They’re not important. Focus on why you lost not how many points you lost.
Before you hop into sessions spend like 20-40 minutes in training mode warming up with your bnbs and punish combos.



Wow I never thought of it like that. Plus I never lose to DP’s but the Kens and Ryu’s I faced were so good. But thanks for the help. It is appreciated.


You DO really need some help!

Hi dude.

You’ve made 13 threads in the 11 days that you’ve been a member here. That seems excessive, and it looks like they haven’t really been helping you get any better.

This subforum in particular, General Discussion, is the place on this website where people talk about anything other than fighting games. You won’t actually get much in the way of useful info in here.

A lot of your struggles sound like they stem purely from inexperience. Would I be correct in saying that you’re new to SF4? If yes, then right now you will probably benefit the most from advice aimed primarily at beginners.

As such, I strongly recommend that you ask your questions in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo subforum. I know that you know where it is, because one of the threads that you made was in there. That one was a great choice.

I know that you’ve already had a number of your threads get closed in the SF4 subforum. Unlike the rest of this site, where people are generally discouraged from making a new thread unless they have something very insightful and unique to contribute, players in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo are encouraged to make as many new threads as they want.

As long as you’re respectful, I think you’ll find that the other posters in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo are very willing to help you. Do make new threads in there, but don’t be afraid to post in pre-existing threads in the other subforums.

If you’re new to fighting games period, you should also be aware that becoming a competent fighting game player is something that requires some time and effort, so you cannot expect to get “good” overnight. SF4 is nowhere near being a new game anymore, so at this point in time, you’re going to find that just about everyone who’s (still) playing it (online or offline) have already put wayyy more into learning the game than you have thus far. So try not to feel toooo badly about losing. Not for now, at least. And actually, trying to understand what stronger players are doing to beat you is an extremely useful path to improving your own game.

Maybe most importantly: Whereabouts are you located? You may have a local scene in your area. In particular, there are SF4 players just about everywhere nowadays. Most people find that playing with other people in-person is more fun and less frustrating than playing online, and that they learn better/faster that way too.


If you could help him

and tell him something about avatars, that would be most helpful, and pretty cool too.