I really suck at comboing

hi, i’ve been trying to do those dictator combos like shown on this vid


… but to no avail

I tried to hit the buttons as fast as i can, and best i could do was a 4hit with jabs :confused:

also how does he manage to cancel a psycho crusher into a super ?

And I dont think playing online will improve anything if i cant do it in training mode, so any idea what i should do to get better at comboing and linking ? any help would be welcome

oh right i’m playing AE on 360 with a MC fight pad

Your not suppose to press every move as fast as you can, some of them require different timing from when the last one landed.

Seems like you have Execution problems or your letting go of your charge before time is due. Not a Bison player but I know a few of his BnB combos Like Cr.LK x3 cancel into Scissors kick. Like the guy said above me your probably pressing the buttons to fast. Just break it down into parts if you have too and keep working on it

This isn’t Mahvel, baby …

There are three types of combos you need to understand:

Chains - These are the “as fast as you can” combos. They’re not really “as fast as you can,” but the timing is very lenient. This is the 4x jab you were doing. Bison’s jabs chain together. For other characters, their crouching LK chains. It’s important to know that you can’t cancel into a special move off of chained moves.

Links - These are the heart of combos in SF4. Links require very specific timing, with a window typically from 1-3 frames. Linking Bison’s crouching LK is an example of this.

Cancels - This is when you combo from a normal move into a special move (and is usually notated with an xx). For example, canceling Bison’s crouching LK into a LK Scissor Kick (c.LK xx LK Scissor).

In any case, don’t worry about that combo video shit. Go do Bison’s trials to start, then check the combo thread here.

thanks guys

what are these trials you speak of ?

Oh when your on the main screen that shows arcade mode versus mode and stuff. You’ll see something called challenge.Go to that and your gonna see trials and go to Bison own.

thx Ichi

Hey, you should finish the Bison Challenge combos first.

well i’m stuck at trial lvl 15

how do you manage to cancel a double knee press into a knee press nightmare ? its insane !

(with charge) :db: :f: :k: :b: :f: :k: - Input for double knee press (or scissor kicks) to super from a crouching position.

Practice that on its own a few times until you get the timing. It’s most likely quicker than you’d expect as you cancel the double knee press into the super after the first hit.

thanks, it worked !!

hey really sorry to bother with my newbie questions, but i can’t manage to link this one:

j.HK --> s.HP --> double knee press

i start charging the special while in air but the charge isn’t long enough to allow the combo to happen

is there a trick i’m missing ?

hold the charge still when your landing so it would be back J.HK back S.HP and as soon as the S.HP hits then do the scissors kick

it worked, thx

EDIT: well i managed to get to lvl 20 but i had a hard time pulling out these combos

if its already a pain in training mode, how are you supposed to put these techniques into practice in a real match ?

By practicing them until they’re not a pain in training mode. Once they’re in muscle memory, executing them in matches is far easier.

read this wrong

" i suck at combing"

dont mash cr lk its a link slow it down and find the rhythm

well that makes sense i guess

did anybody here beat lvl 20 and onwards ? those chain and links are near impossible to perform

do you think a stick would make it easier ? i’m currently using a fightpad

Those are all very do-able on a pad. 24 is a bit impractical (c.LK into c.LP is rarely used), but 20-23 are definitely required learning. Especially 21 … c.LK is Bison’s go to normal, and you have to be able to 2-4 c.LK xx Scissor.

If you’re having trouble with a trial, practice the specific part that you can’t get … then integrate it into the full combo.

thx for your help

yeah thats what i did for trials 15 to 19, but for 20 i’m kinda stuck even by doing so

i kept trying but i can only manage to chain 2 c.LK… and i tried taping the button at different paces but it just doesnt work