I really suck at comboing


That’s an audio recording of c.LKx3 xx LK Scissor button presses … should help you get the timing down.

thx for that, but it confirms i’m hitting the button at the right pace, though sometimes it works and other times not

for example when playing Oni i dont encounter this kind of problem, its real weird

It’s a link. So in the case of Bison’s c.LK you have a 2 frame (32 millisecond) window to time each hit.

Oni’s c.LK is probably a chain instead of a link, which it’s easier.

well if Oni’s got mostly chains instead of links then i should probably switch to him as my main lol

Few characters have chains … everyone has (and requires) links, even the “chain” chars.

i tried doing ken’s challenge for a change and it was terrible, couldn’t pas the 10th trial lol

so i think i’m still better off playing with dictator

is this your first SF game, how long have you been playing it? SSF4 was my first and let me tell you when I started I couldn’t combo for crap, didn’t even know how to cancel. I came from playing Super Smash Brothers so it was all totally new and foreign to me. All what I could do is Chun Li’s crouch light punch/jab spam to tic throws. The more I played the better I could combo, and one day it all came to me including Bison’s links. Don’t be so hard on yourself, it can take time depending on the person. If you are a new player, you should also focus on basic fundamentals such as learning Bison’s normals, how to Anti Air, punish, do smart reversals, footsie, poking ect. Combos are important obviously but don’t throw all your eggs in one basket, try to balance your training and don’t overlook other crucial departments in this game.

well thats the funniest part: i started with good old SF2, but after that the combo trend started to blend in with the following games and so i got lost and quit playing fighting games for like 15 years or so, never able to understand and fully comprehend this maze of various concepts fighting games have become over the past years: juggles, frame traps, FADC… what the hell is all that ?

thats why i feel so frustrated when i read all these people who came into fighting games much later on but put me to a shame by mastering all this stuff while i’m still stuck at the basics… but not this time !! i wont quit and will try to improve my skills with dictator, my all-time favorit char hehe

PS: please forgive my poor english its not my main language
PPS: and sorry if all this crap sounds ridiculous but i felt the sudden need to unburden myself lol

It sounds like you are back at square one if you were on a 15 year break from fighters. I was in the same boat as you. I really wanted to play Bison and I was like, “How am I ever going to play him properly if I cannot do his most important combo cr lk x 3 to sk!?” But I didn’t give up and now it’s second nature to me. Just stick with it- the pay off of mastering his links is tremendous and will make your gameplay significantly better.

If you need some info on basic gameplay mechanics you can look this short article over http://www.eventhubs.com/guides/2008/jul/08/basic-gameplay-details-street-fighter-4/

or just feel free to ask whatever you want in the Bison q&a.

Our community is tight and we’ll be happy to assist you:

alright thats cool, thanks for your support

i am pad player too, ask few people play my bison before, sometime i do really good and sometime i do really sht.

good and god only 1 o between…you dont want to be that OH to stop you being god.

some godly player i see

I’ve been practicing the 3x c.LK xx Scissor combo for several days now on the stick, and I seriously can only pull it off 1/10 times. It’s better than my previous 1/50, but I’m not progressing. I’ve been tapping the buttons at the right time, but it’s just too damn hard. Even using plinking, the timing is near impossible to me. My question is:

How much did you guys practice to be able to do this consistently!??


Every day before I played, until I could do it consistently in a match. One day it just clicked, and now I can probably do it 95% as long as there’s no lag.

Attempting it do it in a match is important, as well, even if you’re not doing it 100% in training mode. Match play is a very different brain state than training mode.

Also, going from 1/50 to 1/10 – even though it may not be your end goal – is still progress. It’s a 5x improvement … enjoy your small victories. :slight_smile:

yeah exactly what deliruim said. It just clicked. In fact recently this other Bison combo I can never do just clicked this morning for me, and I hardly even practiced it to begin with lol. I think the more you play your brain subconsciously absorbs the timing and the visual cues of the timing so all the sudden they start working for you.

I do it now and then, but offline seems whole lot better, because lag cause inconsistency of timing (even your input)
so yes mashing might be the good way if you feel the lag online.

I need more patient and randomness online…for example auto correct OUchltra!

yeah lots of people… even my really high level friends tell me i should mash online if im having problems with stuff coming out. i just dont like doing that because i only care about offline

I yearn for that day to come… My pokes and anti-air are great, I can get out of cross-ups and keep most C players on their toes, but I just can’t get those damn links to be consistent… It’s like my achilles’ heel. I’ll just keep practicing, and report back when my brain stops screwing me over.

Fellow Dictators… My slow brain is writing this in a state of despair. I’ve been practicing the basic 3x c. Lk xx Scissor link for four days now, hours every day, and I’m not even close to being consistent with it. What’s wrong with you people, how can you get this timing right every time? Maybe it’s my buttons, I’m using korean Crown buttons, they feel kinda weird to press, but I’ve ordered Sanwa buttons to replace them. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong here.

Can someone post a video on how exactly they link this combo. A video showing the 3x c. Lk xx Scissor combo being done repeatedly, or just how to hold the stick while doing it. I feel like I could practice this forever without getting it down.

my feeling, exactly

It’s easy once you get the hang of it. Start with learning how to link two cr. lks consistantly. Once you got that down, add a third and cancel into SK (though the timing is just a hair different when adding a third - or four - lk and cancel into scissors).
I learned it by using the sound of lks connceting with my opponent.