I REALLY want to improve... on everything

To better show my point I’m gonna link videos of a few matches I had recently, I just REALLY want to get better. I main Juri cammy, and some ibuki. My weakest is ibuki I feel my strongest is Juri. Ok… here are the videos. Again I just want to improve, cause even tho I’ve been playing SF since champion Edition I feel like I haven’t learn shit. :c So any advice and tips would be AWESOME.

I dunno what I was thinking with Ryu… I jumped WAY too much. I should’ve lost this one. I played horrible.

I spazed again, I can’t explain it other than I suck. But if anyone sees anything I could’ve done I’m all ears. ( not jump into the air demon is a BIG start tho lol. )

Juri vs Ryu. my worst match up IMO. again tips and advice welcome…

Here’s my fav for the one reason… I didn’t know “Out with a bang” is said in a super finish or something. o.o I normally play with the vol. down.

Cammy vs Yun… again just looking for advice, my offense is horrible as I drop combos and fail to react on wiffs half the time. :c

i think u should help yourself and look at the stickied threads, they will get you on the right path. i saw so many probs its honestly to hard to know where to start, and its a lot of explaining for a thread that will drop and eventually the same question will be asked again. there are a lot of guides, try sonichurricane site aswell

I actually looked at alot of the places on here also. I know alot of my problems and I hit the lap every chance I get. I guess I wanted to see what others saw and if they would point it out. but yeah you have a point, I think I just wasted space. :c

Also…focus on 1 character for a main.

also in your juri vs juri match you were up against danceinthedark. Kinda hard to face the top juri down in a mirror match if you don’t know you character perfectly.

I only watched the first 3 videos and I’m not a very good player, but I’ll try to help.
With Ryu, the beginning of the match you weren’t doing anything. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just sit there and let Yun build meter. Also, you might want to try using Ultra 1 instead. I don’t think it’s good to use Ultra 2 the way you doing it. Waking up with Shoryuken isn’t a very good idea either.
With Juri, it looked like you were only using low attacks. When the opponent was knocked down on the corner, you were spamming cr.lk. I’m pretty sure that’s leaving you open for a wakeup ultra by the other person. Waking up with the spinning kick thing doesn’t seem like it worked out well for you. Against Oni, it looked like you were mostly holding up and just jumping around.
Just like Geese said, I think you should focus on 1 character right now.

In a nutshell I’d say you don’t have a good confirm combo, punish poorly, do unsafe things, and oddly, given Juri, don’t AA. You also spaz out a bit on defense. Its difficult to say in the other matches since it kinda just looks like people hitting each other but I’ll annotate the JurixJuri one since he seems to know whats up.

:20 Coulda AA’ed him here
:24-:35 Curious decision not to block, an early BD woulda saved you some grief. An EX or jump before being cornered would have helped.
:57 O_O Most punishable move in the game? Yes please
:59 I notice you like to wake up and spaz with c.lk probably crouch tech. It gets punished here and CH in the ibuki vid.
1:08 dropped combo, can’t do that.
1:13 probably a crouch punish here too. IADs ARE safe so you should add them to your repitoire
1:18 random ultra. it worked, but I don’t think he was taking it seriously.
1:25 you could have lost right here.
1:33 here too, given that he just got ultra’ed it was unlikely he’d eat this.
1:35 this is probably what he was looking for if you’re wondering why he didn’t end it earlier.
1:40 poor confirm sinks ships.

Next 3 wake ups or so are just spaz outs. Try to use BDs and blocking more to maintain composure.

Should learn to use cr.MP for AA.

I think its cr.Mp… mmmm