I really wanted to get the TE but it's impossible, build a better stick

If you are serious about getting a stick. PM Lazeeya or email Finkle they are both stick builders who have recently begun to take orders again. But I’d advise you to not post in the trading forums since 2009 users cannot use it. You need to be a member for 6 months before allowed access to the trading forums. Breaking these rules will result in infractions and possibly being banned.

Surprisingly despite the warning at the top of the forums, people are still risking breaking this rule.

But if you really want a stick, look for a HRAP stick and mod it yourself (Don’t get the Tekken 5 HRAP and don’t get the Street Fighter IV HRAP both have the buttons soldered directly to the PCB = unfriendly for first time modders) the other hraps use QD’s (quick disconnects) so that makes it easier to swap the old buttons out and put the new buttons in.

This thread has made me feel a little better. I’ve been feeling gutted for the past month not preordering the TE stick. And at the prices they are on fleabay, I just can’t justify spending that much on an arcade stick.
Think I’ll now just order a HRAP from the States and fit Hori Buttons. :slight_smile:

Be a neat trick if they were, Sanwa parts and a PCB is already $75ish.

I think he meant just the case.

i got my hrap3 for 90…and some sanwa buttons for 20. came out with a good weighted stick with a good thickness imo for less than a TE, and I’ve had it for months now. i think you’d be happy with one.

i was in the same boat you are and i saw the capcom deal, but passed.