I really wish more devs would make their game interfaces stick-friendly


And by that, I mean making navigation a lot more intuitive no matter what the layout on someone’s stick may be. For example, I have a HRAP EX with my LB and RB buttons removed (thanks to a plexi panel), but this means I am unable to navigate some menus in SF4 and can’t bring up a command list during training in KOFXII. Blazblue seems to have done a good job, most everything you can get to just with a movement of the stick.

I guess my big annoyance is mapping some menu navigations to shoulder buttons when they could easily be done by scrolling down menus are going left or right on the stick/pad. Would make things so much easier for those who have customized their sticks a bit.



Anything else?


Third party peripherals should accomodate the game, not the other way around.

And by that I mean if anything the stickmakers should know how the interface works and make a stick that works for games x and y, rather than the developers knowing that the sticks that people use are missing buttons a and b. There are many more variations in button layouts and wiring setups than there are in menus.


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I agree with crappy UI menus in games recently

On my homemade stick it has no triggers(360 madkatz hack) and in Blazblue I cant invite ppl to my player match lobby but good thing I have a TE stick also so Im still able to.

Shortcuts are good but also allow options to be selectable in the GUI without shortcuts in case of custom sticks purposely missing buttons.


So you’re crying because you removed 2 buttons from a controller and now can’t use the function those buttons offered? I don’t see how it’s the developers fault you wanted to be cool and only have 6 buttons instead of the 8 you should.

On another rant, I don’t see the huge reasoning behind going to a 6 button joystick over the 8 your HRAP came with. Is it really that much of a difference for some people? I have no problems not hitting the extra 2 buttons that are placed out of the way to begin with. Am I doing something wrong here?


yeah im crying about it.

p.s. at the time the stick was built there were no solid tutorials on getting the triggers to work. but now there are good information on it so. yeah. im cool regardless tho!


8 button sticks suck. i’ve accidentally hit those buttons in a variety of games. I would much rather have a 6 button stick, since they’re called ARCADE STICKS, and no fucking fighting game (arcade or otherwise) uses 8 buttons. I’d rather have a default layout.

Backbone at least seems to know what they’re doing with interfaces in Marvel. SFIV’s is lulzy at best, and don’t get me started with Blazblue.


i’d actually like to hear your thoughts on the BB GUI. I’m always interested in GUI discussion!


Is it trouble to turn the inputs for undesirable buttons off (in the configuration menu)?

the TE has 8, and when I used to play Soul Calibur I’d only use four of those buttons. I mean, if I ever found an actual arcade machine, I’d be set, and if I was like “screw arcade machines”, I could map the other buttons for macros or repeat inputs (triple-G slide just ukemi anyone?!)

I don’t quite see what the problem is. Really, aside from the standard six/nine (start/select/home), I think sticks should have a few more buttons as well (about thirteen). I mean, going to a menu to reset practice is more trouble than just hitting an R3 button.

But… yeah, I mean, I guess if you’re really old school, it might bug the hell out of you, but personally I don’t find a problem just to use the buttons I need and leave the rest out…


All of the 6 vs 8 button crap is moot anyway.

The SF4 generation might not know, but all the Capcom fighting games worked fine on PS2 with no L1/2 buttons (with an exception of the import vampire collection). So clearly, it’s possible. Many of us have sticks from that generation still, hence the problem.


Well I don’t understand why 6-button stick makers doesn’t place the last 2 buttons next to start/select/home, at the side of the case. Never seen this at the “check out my new shit”-thread.


just get a ps1 namco stick


You can turn them off in the option menu.:wonder:


My stick only has 6 buttons - not even start or select. This is because I’m lazy, so I accept the problems it brings.

Gonna have to deal with that soon :rofl:


I broke my select button while swapping out the art on my TE stick.

Shh don’t tell anyone, I now know the SF4 challenge mode move names by heart :lol:


Is it difficult to get the triggers working on an arcade stick? In most of the tutorials for custom sticks I’ve seen they suggest to glue the triggers to neutral or ignore them when doing the wiring.


A game with a Daytona USA ish interface with all the flashing and neon lights, and arcade sounds designed so that stick players had easy navigation would be cash, and quite nostalgic. You know the type.


STHD’s GUI pisses me off to no end.

You map the buttons, go to game, they aren’t mapped.

You go back to the config, they’re fine.

Back to the game, they’ve swapped sides.

Back to config.

Back to game.

Shit, my MK doesn’t work.

Why is that?

Maybe b/c I have RT mapped to it.

Can I make RT unavailable?

No, b/c I don’t have that button.

Plug in another stick. (EX2 and it’s F’d up layout)

Set the triggers to unavailible

Put my stick back in.

Shit the config didn’t stick!




to infinity


I play by feeling, and especially in games like MVC2, if I’m trying to get a snapback or something and I hit the wrong button I just lost a character. I’ll stick to 6 buttons through and through.