I really wonder why SC3 wasn't included but DOA4 was fine

Seriously, do people hate the game cause it popular to hate it or something? I know for a fact that the game is competitive…very at that but,I suppose it’s less so than DOA4(LOL!!!)

and God…I’d wish MVC2 would just die already it’s comming to the point that the game is just plain annoying to play and watch. You know what that means…

God this year’s EVO is gonna be lame…and MKDS??? that one beats me…

One word: “Ninjas.”

i wish st would die too

cuz sc3 is not popular on the competitive scene, that is fact. and the fact that the game is plagued with the vc glitch crap, just turned people off to it. while doa is uber popular with the masses, and is definitely more deserving than sc3 by a landslide. soul calibur 2 wasnt even on the roster last year, cuz its just not a popular series among the hardcore and it never really has…

uhm st is dead, its not on the roster. and hsf2 is nothing like st.

oh well i hope that dies after evo. are we just going to keep digging up old ass games to play? how about some alpha 1 and ce…

now that i think about it, maybe this could be a good thing. a new evo trend bringing back some old ass sf game to play for just that year. yeah. great idea.

maybe the head guys are afraid of a repeat from 2k3… (sc2 finals)

It has nothing to do with the finals at evo2k3, the game just wasnt popular enough, and the game has huge problems, and that is why many people dont take it seriously.

The game is not too popular, but I am pretty sure it is more popular than DOA4.
And what are the huge problems in the game?

I really think it’s the community’s own fault and the fact that they let VC ruin the game for them. It’s kinda lke shooting yourself in the head and surviving it probably hurts like hell…

uhm hsf2 is only 2 years old. thats an old game? maybe be based on old games, but the dynamics are totally different now. completely different matchups and such. its newer than any other capcom title has out lol

face it. sc3 is just not popular at all, you can deny it all you want, but its not. sc2 wasnt that popular and sc3 is far less popular. the game has too many issues. thats the bottom line.the community let vc ruin the game? how the fuck does that logic work? the designers fucked up and released a faulty product that had major effects on gameplay. maybe it got fixed on arcade sc3, dunno, but it doesnt matter

and i assure you doa outsells any fighter on console hands down. but it remains to be seen if it can draw the crowds for tourneys. but this will show the staff, and community if it deserves to stay, depending on how well it does this year. we already know sc3 will be the lowest turnout, so theres no point to add it

SC3 has too many problems?..looks at MVC2

And that’s a justification for adding DoA4?

Okay so DoA4 isn’t glitched to high holy hell (a plus – and the fact that one of the core people responsible for breaking SC3 is an Evo staff member doesn’t help that game’s case either :V ). However, people claiming popularity as a concern when DoA tournaments never draw in double digits is something else. The sandy vaginas of the SC community have little to do with this either, as the DoA scene is just as dysfunctional (they enjoy playing the game, at least…)

At least there is an answer in another corner of the Interweb (this is for the random people who have not been following this at all)…

He had a couple of other interesting posts (regarding the state of competetive play in DoA4) [1] [2], but a lot of them were deleted because some of the moderators at DoAC are absolute tardmonkeys.


Can you back that up? Last time I checked, Tekken, VF, SC all outsell DOA.

I’ve played SC3AE, and I haven’t been able to do Mitsu’s VC(the one that I KNOW still made it in the JPN console version), so I’ll put my rep on the line and say it’s gone.

Fixed it. :tup: