I received today

Post pics of new tech stuff you get from Tv’s, arcades, arcade pcbs, gadgets, etc…Just make sure you post a pic.

Just got this for my Playchoice 10. This allows you to play most NES games on your Playchoice arcade.

Now to get some NES games! :slight_smile:

Awesome… if my Playchoice was only in Hawaii and not Minnesota!!!
I have a Mega Man, Solar Jetman, Metroid and Power Blade stashed here for me to play with when return though… :slight_smile:
Have fun that thing looks great!

Very Awesome!

Is there a way to have it say the actual game name rather than the generic "Slot _ "?

gotta put in tmnt2/3 and mighty final fight!

Yes there is an option by pushing the service button & then can type in whatever name you want on it…

I receive my cables from Franco to fix my Atomiswave SD. I also got Rumble Fish 2 recently.

I received today the silent Sanwa buttons for my fighting edge and eight-arc fusion.

Dude where did you find RF2

A friend of mine hook me up, he got from China…Its a bootleg though, i have one more left for $75shipped. Been looking 2 years for this game, its impossible to get or people asking way too much for it…

Game as far as i know has no glitches & runs perfectly. Let me know if you’re interested…

I was till I found the bootleg source this morning. HnK SS6 MS6 and RF2 for $180!

Wow that’s good deal, does that include shipping?

Got my arcade coin doors for Kraylix slims finally…They look so much nicer now…

I also received my Spider Scart cable…This allows me to hook up numerous amount of consoles w/ just one cable. I have this hooked up to my Viletim adapter & Astro City…I didn’t do any adjustments but it looks pretty nice.

Saturn - Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV

SNES - Street Fighter 2 Turbo

I’ll try out Dreamcast & PS2 later on this week.