I reckon Frankie 3S would be the best, if

Ryu was 2I Ryu, in the sense where he has 2 Denjin bars.

I eab he could stun, then J HP, S HP then EX donkey kick and then srk or have more EX FBs

If Ryu had two Denjins, he’d be ridiculous. Almost everyone’d pick Denjin Ryu because now you have a LOT more random damage factor, AND you can do EX moves and Denjin with more or less a good deal of impunity.

Ryu’d be ridiculous. You’d get an unblockable super AND a fair deal of EX moves (5.1 I think for two bars the size of Denjin).

Why do you keep making those kind of threads :S Not to diss or anything, but this is a fuckin strategy forum, please post this kind of stuff in the General Discussion forum instead of the 3S forums, some ppl come here to actually look at strategies instead of reading how gouyd Frankie would be if he would use Shinkuu or if 3S Ryu would be 2I Ryu.