I request a 3S edit

Know the Ryu x Ken entrance where they bump fists?

Give me a pic of that frame where their fists meet.


Replace Ryu with gold Sean. Make sure Ken is red.

Doable? If you take a look at this flash, MK vs. SF


and have not passed out from the awesomeness, you’ll notice he edited out Ken for

Akuma. Make Ryu Sean!

This art will probably end up going onto a custom stick, btw.

EDIT: God I’m a noob.

You want sprites on a 1280x800 scale :confused:?

When you say Gold Sean do you mean his regular palette?

really, really,really,really. . . … . . .really,really. . .really dumb


Here you go.



here you go

Dude what are you doing? That is my edit and my words.

lmao ^
this is a comic thread




whats going on here…dude my background is clearly black…

You’re not serious. … . . .

Are you kidding me?

They are different, take a close look at the distance between the Sean and Kens fist in Simply Hugos, its 1 pixel apart. MVK’s fists are touching.