I request hit box data

For the following moves:

Ultra 2
Close Stand Strong
Light Conder Spire

One of you techies make it happen.

They’re in the hitbox thread. Those are for Super and not AE, but most haven’t changed much. Hawk’s Super got its range buffed to that of the LP SPD range, so looking at the LP SPD will show you the range on his new Super. LP Spire just got it’s hitbox extended a little. Ultra 2 got faster startup but I don’t believe the actuall hitbox changed and I don’t believe cl.MP changed either.

It’s still hard to say though.

I want to see Hitbox data to see how much his normals were buffed, and confirm if U1 range was buffed or not (Yeah Devs didn’t say but that SRK Frame Data is driving me crazy).

It did. A lot. Quite sure it was only extended downwards though, almost all the way to the ground.

Hitbox of Super is also better, you can “combo” it with a LP

Reason why I asked is because those moves seemed to of drastically changed.

Ultra 2:
Yes the start up is faster but it is catching things in certain situations that make absolutly no sense. It made be with character vunerable/grab hitboxs but it is just not making sense

Light Conder Spire:
It keeps connected at what I think is “Max range” The hitbox data seems drasticlly different than what I am used to. Its more on block than anything else

Stand Strong:
This move has to of changed. I cant anti air as effectivly as I used to in Super. It used to be I can so it late and move nueutral jumps will just land on the hit box. Either the hit box or frame data has changed. I am going to make a post about all of the changes/adjustments that I see

Just cause

Ultra 2 now has a grab hitbox on his feet. Because of this, hawk can catch backdashes and other barely off the ground stuff. It’s still easy to jump over.