I require your services Mr. Cham

I would be nice if I learned how to do this, but Im sure it keeps you busy right? Anywayz, I got this pic of Orochimaru that I wanted to have animated if at all possible. I wanted the picture of his normal face to stay on with the background, then his other form come in from the background. Like a “fade in” type of thing, make sense? If you can’t do that, you can just keep it simple with just the picture and the text “Tanoshimasete morau wa.” if you can get it to fit. I worst comes to worst. You can just do the regular avatar. Thankas

bump, in case you missed the thread

IM me…i will need the pic as well…

aim - E1 cham 13
msn - cham_13_@hotmail.com

Aw damn, my bad

Im trying to get your attention and didn’t even have the pic on the thread. Sorry bout that.

I added you to my buddy list.

like this?

That’s cool but…

could you put his other face in there too?

there are only two faces in the pic you provided.

he only glanced at it. He did not know it was animated until after.