I rubbed the paint off of one of my TE screws already

I rubbed the paint off of the bottom left screw on my TE stick. I guess the sweat combined with the joystick motions of a noob rubbed the paint off. :sad: Where can i find some replacement screws, or paint?

Hardware store…maybe?



or some paint. I can’t believe the paint came off so easily…

lol :slight_smile:

Just sand it with a high grain sand paper and paint those things with some spray paint. It works out great. Or you can try to find replacements for the screws. I couldn’t find any that I thought were worth it by me.

That’s actually a very great idea. Thanks. I’ll break out the old black spray paint.

mines is starting to rust!

Cheaply coated, mild steel is on of the ways Madcatz kept the profit margins higher (that and cheap plastic). Paint it, powder coat it or replace’em with stainless fasteners.

Yo like…seriously. I just got the stick today, and it looks like my screw went through time or something.

I have like 1 or 2 screws where there is no black on it anymore. Mad Catz used some cheapass parts like usual. :lame:

warranty it! go go go!

Don’t forget, cheap PCBs that drop roundhouse randomly.

all six screws of mine look like they got pulled out of the titanic, they’re all rusted. I might need a tetanus shot.