(I.S.M vs the world) Weekly XBOX T. BATTLE FOR SSF4AE 2012

Since the dawn of online match making there has always been a new age of warriors hibernating amongst elite clans, who train vigorously to step up in the ranks to be the best of the best, but due to the small video game communities that continue to diminish in the United States and other parts of the world because of online gaming, thus the necessity of an elite online league was formed; INTERNATIONALSTREETMASTERS AKA ISM (a suffix forming nouns of action)

Over the years in video-game history few local arcade monks such as Justin Wong from NY. and Alex Valle from Ca. have been recognized by there achievements from sponsors who help these up and coming gaming masters attend local and major fighting game tournaments so they could gain recognition and or win prizes etc. Witnessing the potential of on-lines greatest fighters ISM expresses a superior class (*that is not limited too thus why we are *INTERNATIONAL) of East coast and West coast online gamers who train diligently and master what they love; which is fighting games.

With the release of Sf4 and its iterations such as Super and A.E the fighting game community online has had a major impact in households through out the world. Now with Super Street Fighter 4 A.E 2012 on the Horizon. ISM is calling out all xbox lives best teams such as DMG, TFA, etc to help Team ISM schedule a weekly on-line team battle each week being a new team. Fri or Sat . The rules are: 4 vs 4 best out of five. Each person must be an official member of that crew meaning they must have there team tag in front of there xbox id. no exceptions. also lag is in issue so to overcome this i figured each participant should post there city and time zones. results would be posted here on SRK. Winning team would recieve recognition as onlines greatest team. This tourny is restricted to US players only. ISM is working on a international team to represent us over seas online
If you are interested in joining ISM please contact me via xbox my id is: ISM Osiris241 or www.facebook.com/teamismxbox. or post on this thread

Ehhh it’s a good idea, the online team vs team and all. But needing 8 players on at one time online is a bit of a stretch.
In my opinion, limit it to teams of two and see how that goes.

I tried to do something similar with online money matches/online team tournaments, but of course people get sketched out regardless of how professional you sound (transferring money to random guy on the internet lololnoty)

Back on topic however, I’m in for this if you can limit it to teams of two and possibly earn the trust of a few good teams that are willing to pay a fee to enter for an actual prize for the winner, not just epeen. Yes I understand that this is sketchy, but if you just make the entry fee $1 for teams early on and stick to paying out, you earn trust and you can raise it to possibly $5… still keeping it small so people don’t have to worry so much about losing their precious money, even though they won’t.

But even if there’s no money, I have a team of two ready in case you decide to limit :slight_smile: