I sanded some buttons and messed them up :(


Hey yalll…

So here is my predicament. I decided to replace my HAPP concave buttons with the competition ones (that are convex), but much to my dismay the compettition ones have larger rims around the outside… which sucks…

I realize I should have looked before I ordered them but I figured same manufacturer and they fit the same size hole… they should be the same size around. Bad assumption… :frowning:

Anyways I sanded them down to get them to the proper width but now the problem that they look like hell… I have tried to smooth them out with everything from 1500 grit sandpaper (which I can not believe didn’t work) and even acetone to see if I could get the rough edges off.

Anyone have any ideas :frowning: ???


You can try buffing them with jeweler’s rouge. Home depot sells a polishing kit for around $13(comes with the buffing compound, buffing wheel, etc.).


Sounds like a plan… I had never heard of that before… anything is worth a try! Thanks man!


No problem. Be sure to post the results.


I’m confused. What you sanded is visible when it’s installed in the stick?


i think he’s talking about the bezel on the outside.

you shoul try the polisihng kit but if anything stick with basic

600 grit > 1000 grit > 1500 grit (removes tiny scratches) > Clear Coat Gloss (Use a Q-tip and clear coat to retore SOME of the shine to the bezel) > Rubbing Compound (Removes even more Scratches) > Polishing Compound (Fills in light scratches with even lighter scratches) > Scratch Remover (Super Fine Scratch to cover up the areas left over, leaves a glossy look and practically no scratchs visible.)

but thats for if you know what your doing.


Fot the price and pain… get new buttons, and why not sand the box instead for bigger holes?


can you post up some pics ? - this will show us how it is messed up and we can better help you that suggesting ideas that are appropriate for your situation.

Seems like many who are trying to help is confused.


Sorry guys been so busy. X_X

Yes I meant the Border around the head (the bezel) is too big.

I tried the sanding deal going up from 320-all the way through to-1500 and the time it is taking me is kicking my ass, and I still can’t get a good result so I said screw it and decided to order new ones.

I never checked out the jewelr’s rogue mainly because my hands and wrists are just to tired to put any more work into this thing for a while.

I learned a lesson though… don’t ever sand acrylic unless you are ready for some real work :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestions anyways, but I gotta just scrap it and never do that again.