I saw an Opossom and two raccoons in the woods that stared at me

On my hike to OSU campus I saw some animals in the woods. Those things are pretty docile. They were afriad of me. I thies not to give them food but I had to. I gave them my half eaten zebra-cake. Opossum had beady pink eyes and looked at me walk by. Didn’t bother me though. Same with the raccoons. They got really close. They have no fear of humans.

They are not as mean as you would think they just get mean if you corner it with insurance promotions or homosexual pornagraphy.

insurance promotions!

did they share any knowledge with you or was this a quick/random encounter in the woodland area prior to your quest for knowledge in the u of os?

They just looked at me then when into the bushes by the railroad. There are also groundhogs up here. No one really seems to notice the wildlife either. Its sad.

Back at college during my walk back to my dorm after dinner, I saw a raccoon going through the trash. I decided to throw him/her the rest of my delicious ice cream cone. He/she picked it up with both hands and just stared at me as i walked away.

True story.

don’t feed them. They’ll starve in the wild. I live over on the east side near cleveland ave.

wtf? lol

Am I missing something here to this story?

man that aint nothing. my school was in the mountains and there was wild life all over the place. one time i was walking to class and i was looking down at my phone sending a text and when i looked up there was a buck and a deer standing right in front of me and i almost walked right into his antlers. good thing i looked up in time and i was able to side step him. and this wasn’t like some random part of the campus this was like right outside the bookstore so it was one of the busiest parts and the two were just chillin in the middle of all the students, not giving a crap.

i see that everyday, in my backyard rummaging through my trash

A big nasty opossum walked into the road one night when I was driving. Stupid thing was pretty big and it was a narrow street so I had to stop or I would have hit it. That stupid fuckin’ beast just stoped in front of my car and stared at me. I started honking my horn and yelling and revin’ the engine and the beast just sat there. I guess something else caught its interest because it walked away a couple minutes later.

At my mom-in-laws old house they had racoons that lived out in their back yard. Those things would just come and chill up in front of the slider and put there cute little paws/hands on the windows and wait for someone to come outside and feed the cats or give them some food.

The family that I live for breathes the air that smells of combat!

I came down from a castle far from here and I came for one reason! To attack and keeping coming! Not to ask but just to give!

When you say OSU, are you talking about Oklahoma State or Oregon State?

Yep. It stole your soul. :tup:

I was at a four way stop near a local supermarket. The light turns red so I stop. A mother deer walks across the intersection using the cross walk. Looks at me in the driver’s seat, then looks at the intersection, and finally crosses the road. It was like the Twilight Zone.

i saw a huge raccoon scaling my yard wall* the other night. he paused for a few seconds as he gazed at me. his eyes said “sup dude”. then he just kept on walking. that’s it.

very cool and docile animals. i guess if you get close to them they go crazy huh

They can be very mean if you mess with them.

this is what happens when all your natural predators are endangered. deers are running wild all over this country. obama needs to put ted nugent on his cabinet and put him in charge of killing all the deer.

one time when i was camping this raccoon was sniffing around my tent and getting really close to me so i grabbed this thick plastic lamp shade that was on my coleman lantern and i placed it on top of my fist and i knocked the fuck out of that raccoon. aint no raccoons came sniffing around my tent for the rest of the night. :nunchuck:

I’m pretty sure I ran into [media=youtube]q81ptFSA4mk"[/media] cousin on campus.

Seen 3 raccoons fucking before. It was not consensual the 2 males were raping a female. They saw me but they didn’t care and just kept on raping.

shit just two nights ago, I saw a possum about 2-3 feet big just sittin’ on the top corner part of my patio’s fence, with it’s back turned to me, staring out into the distance (or some shit like that) like muthaluvin’ batman would chill at the top of a building.

i made noises to scare it away but it sat there without budging an inch. I swear the sob had its arms crossed or somethin’ and was deep in possum thought.

LOL did it have big anime eyes and say ‘I wuv you!!’ ?